How to Screenshot on a Samsung Tablet

By | March 21, 2023

The capability to screenshot, or snap a photograph of what is currently being displayed on the screen, is a crucial function of contemporary Samsung mobile phones and tablets.

Even though there are applications that can do this, you don’t need to install any more ones because it is already integrated.

In this write-up, we will show all the steps involved in how to screenshot on a Samsung tablet.

How Can I Screenshot on Any Samsung Tablet?

  • Go to the page you want to capture a screenshot of.
  • On your Samsung tablet, locate the power and volume buttons.
  • The tablet’s power button should be touched with one finger. Just lay your finger on the button, don’t touch it yet.
  • The tablet’s “volume down” button should be pressed with a second finger in the same gentle manner as the power button.
  • Press “volume down” and “power” simultaneously.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Tab with an S Pen

You can also take screenshots with the S Pen from Samsung if your tablet supports it. Since you can just highlight the area of the screen you want to screenshot and ignore the rest, this is particularly helpful when you only want to capture a portion of your tablet’s screen.

  • Open the Air commands shortcuts menu using your S Pen. It’s the little pen symbol, which is often located on the right side of the screen.
  • Then go to Smart select.
  • Tap and drag the selection box over your screenshot location with your S Pen.
  • To save your screenshot, tap the Save picture option on the right side of the menu.

How to Take a Screenshot Using a Gesture                                                                                  

The gestures included in Samsung’s smartphones may be utilized to carry out a variety of tasks. A screenshot may be taken by swiping a hand over the screen.

  • To begin with, confirm that the functionality is activated. Go to Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures. then ensure that the Palm swipe to capture is enabled.
  • Swipe your hand’s edge over the screen starting at one edge. A screenshot will be captured if everything is done successfully.

How Can I Take a Screenshot with a Voice Command?

Voice control makes taking screenshots considerably simpler than pressing buttons with your hands. You will only be able to see the microphone symbol on the status bar if you have enabled voice control on your phone. Say “Take screenshot” or “capture a screenshot” when you spot the blue microphone icon. The screenshot will then be taken automatically by the device.

Where Can I Find My Screenshot?

You might be curious about where and how to retrieve screenshots that you’ve taken on your Samsung smartphone or tablet and wonder where they are kept. To view your Samsung Screenshot, follow the steps below;

Launch the Gallery application and choose Albums from the bottom menu. After that, you’ll see an album called Screenshots that you may edit similarly to a typical picture album.

How to Use Scroll Capture to Screenshot the Entire Page

You don’t need to take many screenshots if you want to record a lengthy webpage or program. Alternatively, you may make a single sizable screenshot using Samsung’s Scroll Capture feature.

A screenshot toolbar will show up at the bottom of the screen after capturing a standard screenshot. On this, click the Scroll Capture symbol, which resembles two bouncing downward arrows.

With only one press, you may stitch the snapshot to the bottom of the first page and scroll the page down once. Tap the icon repeatedly until you’ve taken a screenshot of the entire page.

How to Use the Smart Select Edge Panel to Take Screenshots on Samsung Tablet

Edge panels on Samsung devices may be set up and used for a variety of tasks, including capturing screenshots. Use the edge panel to snap screenshots by following these steps;

  • Turn on Edge panels by going to Settings > Display.
  • Choose the Smart select panel under Panels. Open the edge panel after adding it and swipe till you reach the Smart choose panel.
  • Drag to choose the area you want to screenshot after selecting either Rectangle or Oval. Tap Done and then tap the Save icon.


You are now aware of the Samsung smartphone or tablet screenshot procedure. As they all achieve the same objective, pick whichever approach seems to be the simplest and fastest to you.

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