How To Reset A Nest Thermostat

By | March 9, 2023

One of the most well-liked and potent smart thermostats available is the Nest thermostat. Families can use their smartphones to regulate their HVAC systems from just about anywhere. It also provides additional advantages like lower energy costs, greater efficiency, and many more.

The Nest thermostat does, unfortunately, have a few frequent issues that you might run into over the course of its usage, similar to any other technological equipment. Fortunately, you can reset it to resolve some of these problems.

How can you reset your Nest thermostat, though? Do not fret! I’ll walk you through the process of resetting the Nest thermostat in this article.

Restarting your Nest thermostat

Restarting your Nest thermostat is comparable to shutting down and starting your PC. As a result, nothing will be deleted, forgotten, or ignored when you restart your thermostat because it keeps all of your settings. This procedure can assist in resolving a number of problems, including when the device becomes sluggish or unresponsive, has a frozen display, or needs assistance reconnecting to the internet. Additionally, this procedure is advised following the replacement of your Nest battery due to low battery difficulties.

You might also wish to restart your Nest thermostat in the following situations:

  • when the Wi-Fi connection to the thermostat has been lost or the app has gone offline.
  • When your thermostat is malfunctioning

Resetting your Google Thermostat

To access the Quick View menu, tap the thermostat ring.

  • Select the Settings icon for Nest.
  • Choose Reset
  • From the next menu, pick Reset.

Make a note of the settings before you reset your thermostat so you can quickly change them back if necessary. Record your system cables, your heating type, and your safety temperature settings by going to the Nest Settings icon on your thermostat, then selecting Equipment.

What takes place when your Nest Thermostat is reset

What each of the four reset options does is as follows:

All Settings: This restores all settings to their original state. Use this whenever you change owners.

Schedule: This merely clears out your current temperature schedule, whether it was learned or not. Owners of Nest Thermostat E models with Auto-Schedule disabled will have the choice of starting over with a blank schedule (as is customary) or selecting a typical schedule depending on their location.

Away: This removes the occupancy detection information that was used to change the linked devices based on how frequently you walked by. Normally there would be no cause to do this, but if you moved your thermostat without moving homes, you might need to.

Network: If you’ve changed networks or changed your network ID, this can be useful because it clears up Wi-Fi settings. To reconnect, navigate to Settings > Network.

Can You Reset a Nest Thermostat Remotely?

You can reset Nest Thermostat remotely with the help of the Nest’s phone app. The Nest app can be downloaded via the iOS and Android stores. Nest Thermostat has a feature in the Nest app that gives you the permission to reset your Nest remotely.

Is purchasing a Nest Thermostat worthwhile?

The solution ultimately comes down to your requirements. Yes, Nest thermostats are worthwhile if you truly desire a smart thermostat, have dependable WiFi, and your home is compatible with Nest. The more cheap variant has a very sleek, contemporary look and most of the functionality you may desire. 

How long is the lifespan of a Nest Thermostat?

The battery may typically last up to 10 hours of nonstop use. Be aware that the smart functions won’t work while the alkaline battery is being utilized. The temperature control is one of only a few basic operations that the backup battery powers.

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