How To Register A Car In Nigeria

By | August 29, 2022

Before being used on public highways in Nigeria, all transportation must be registered in accordance with the country’s traffic laws.

The process of registering a car takes a lot of time and effort. The majority of the time, if one visits the FRSC office, there is a never-ending line of people queuing. Due to the lack of information on the documents needed to complete the registration, having to visit that office again can be very aggravating.

In this guide, we present you the steps to follow in order to have your car registered in Nigeria.

Documents needed for vehicle registration in Nigeria

From the company you bought the vehicle

  • Letter of attestation
  • Delivery note
  • Receipt of purchase or invoice
  • Vehicle ownership proof

Your own identification papers:

  • A valid updated driver’s license
  • National identity card or International passport
  • Utility bills which shows proof of current residential address
  • Passport photographs

If the car you are registering is imported, you have to prepare the following as well:

  • Tax identification number
  • Clearance papers obtained from customs
  • Duty certificate of motor vehicles

How To Register A Car In Nigeria

Upon gathering all of the documents listed, follow the guideline listed below to register a regular car in Nigeria:

  1. Visit the State Board of Internal Revenue or the Motor Vehicle Administration.
  2. Carefully fill out the “Allocation of plate number” form.
  3. Submit the form together with all necessary paperwork.
  4. Complete the application materials.

The officials will provide you with further forms to complete after going through your paperwork, including:

  • Allocation of registration number of new vehicle
  • License form of auto vehicle
  • Form B (just a name, never mind)
  • FRSC/ Federal Road Safety form
  • Tax form

A police officer inside the licensing office will have to validate the application package. If accepted, it will be imprinted with a date of verification.

5. Pay the registration fee/ licensing fee.
A normal number plate costs N18,750 , whereas a luxury plate costs over N200,000
6. Submit the payment receipt and accept the newly given license plate number.  Further documents that are provided are.
VIT or Vehicle Identification Tag
The Proof of Ownership Certificate, 
The Proof of Ownership Certificate Number

7. All original documents that you had provided should be retrieved. Make sure everything is correct and that nothing is omitted.
8. Purchase auto insurance for your new automobile.

How much does it cost to do vehicle registration in Nigeria?

 The standard private and commercial number is N18,750 against the old rate of N12,500, motorcycle number is N5,000 from N3,000 and fancy number plate is now N200,000 from N80,000.

Blue Number Plates – N37,825

Red Number Plates – N41,300

Change of Ownership Blue Plates – N33,825

Change of Ownership Red Plates – N38,300

Fancy Number Plates – N210,175

Fancy Motorcycle Plates – N54,000

Articulated Plates – N57,650

Loss Plates/Defaced – N21,250

Drivers Licence Fresh/Renewal 3 years – N10,350

Drivers Licence Fresh/Renewal 5 years – N15,450.

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