How To Print Google Doc With Comments

By | December 5, 2022

Google Docs does not print your document’s comments per its standard when you print a document. However, there is a hack, which we’ll walk you through, to publish your comments alongside your document.

With this alternative, your Google Docs document is essentially downloaded as a Microsoft Word file (.docx). Your comments are included in this file, and when you print it using Word, they are also printed. The majority of us use this feature frequently when we wish to print a document together with all of the linked comments. It aids in our understanding of the suggestions for improvement or remarks made by a teacher, a manager, or even a client.

Why is it necessary to learn how to print a Google document that has comments?

 Imagine you wrote a document and delivered it to your employer. Your employer then used comments to make some adjustments or suggestions and gave the document back to you. What will you do now that you have accessibility to the boss’s remarks and want to present them to your office team in a meeting?  obviously, you’ll require a capability to print this paper with comments so you can distribute copies to your team so they can better comprehend it. You must understand how to print Google Docs with comments for this. 

How To Print Google Doc With Comments

There are several ways of printing google doc with the comments and they are outlined below.

Using MS Word, print Google Docs with comments

  • It’s significantly simpler to print a Google Docs document with comments using MS Word. 
  • Open the document with comments that you want to print first. You must launch your computer’s browser in order to achieve this. Now go to the Google Docs website.
  • The document you want to print with comments is now open. Click to open the document after locating it.
  • Click the File option in the top menu bar once your chosen file has opened. There are various possibilities available here. Choose Download from this menu by clicking it.
  • When you select the download option, further options will show up on the right side. From now on, pick Microsoft Word Doc. By doing this, you can save the file as a Microsoft Word file on your computer.
  • Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, open the folder in which it is located. Double-clicking it will allow you to open the file. It will now launch in your computer’s MS Word program. Additionally, you can open the file by right-clicking it and choosing Microsoft Word from the list of Open With options.
  • Select File from the top menu in Microsoft Word once the file has been opened. New options will become available to you here. Select the Print choice from among these. By simultaneously hitting (Ctrl + P), you can do this.
  • Click the Print button after choosing your printer from the list of options on the right side of your computer screen. Your document will eventually be printed with comments if you do this.

Print and save it as a web page

You can save the Google Doc as a web page and print the document with comments. When you don’t want to open your document in any other program, you can use this technique. For instance, you can use the print feature of the Chrome browser to print your work after saving it as a web page.

You can follow these instructions to learn how to print comments in Google Docs.

  • On the toolbar, select the File menu.
  • Download the Google Doc by choosing Web Page (.html, zipped) from the Download menu.
  • Your computer will download a zip folder. Go to the file location, unzip the folder, and then launch your web browser to view the HTML file.
  • Press Ctrl+P to print. You can examine a print preview of your document in the print dialog that appears after it is opened.

Print and save as an OpenDocument

Let’s look at how to use OpenDocument to print comments in Google Docs.

  • From the menu bar, select the File menu.
  • Choose Open Document Format(.odt) from the Download menu to download Google Doc.
  • Your device will store the.odt file. In any of the aforementioned compatible programs, open it from the file location. For example, we used LibreOffice to open the file. It will be possible to see every comment.
  • You can choose Print from the dropdown menu on the File menu by clicking it on the toolbar.
  • Select the Print option. You can adjust the default paper size for the print task, which is set to letter by default.

Print And Take A Screenshot

Taking a screenshot of the page is another way to learn how to print comments in Google Docs. You can print the screenshot after that is finished. You can use your computer’s screenshot function for this. However, the print area will be constrained.

You could even utilize a Google Chrome plugin to quickly and easily capture one or more pages from your whole document. Utilize the Chrome plugin GoFullPage- Full Page Screen Capture for Google Document with Comments Printer.

To print a Google document with comments, use the Chrome extension

  • Use the Print Google Doc with Comments extension link to do so.
  • Select Add to Chrome from the menu.
  • A pop-up window that requests authorization to add the extension will appear. Select “Add Extension” from the menu.
  • Your Chrome browser will now include the addon. To utilize it, click the small printer gear symbol in the top right corner.

Hit the printer icon in Google Docs when you wish to print comments. It will question you if you want to print the document with comments, just the comments, or even create lines between the comments before printing. Once you click print, you’re done.

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