How to Pay For GOtv Subscription With MTN Mobile Money

By | November 10, 2021

Paying for GOtv Subscription has now become easier — since you can sit from the comfort of your room and subscribe to your GOtv subscription monthly Using MTN Mobile Money service at ease.

GOtv has become one of the best paid tv services operating in Africa giving local content to its subscribers subscribed for any of their subscription packages.

Aside DStv as paid tv that is operating services across Africa, GOtv has become the favourite subscription channel in many parts of Africa.

Despite free to air channels you can get on Muti TV, more entertainment friendly contents are most watched and enjoyed on paid tv packages.

GOtv is here: You have the choice to purchase for a package as low as GH¢9 to get connected.

Below Are some of the GOtv Subscription packages.

  1. The GOtv Lite
    • GH¢ 9 per month for only 22 channels to enjoy.
    • 3 months subscription for GH¢ 20 saving you GH¢ 7.
    • A 12 months subscription for GH¢ 48 that saves you GH¢ 60.
  2.  The GOtv value
    • A monthly subscription of GH¢ 18 for 27 channels.
  3. GOtv Plus
    • A monthly subscription of GH¢ 35 for all 39 channels to enjoy.

No more worries for how to subscribe to your GOtv packages nor ways to renew your GOtv packages since the era of mobile technology is there as you can relax in the comfort of your room and pay for your GOtv subscription anytime the convenient way.

How To Use MTN Mobile Money To Pay For Your GOtv Subscription

  • Dial *170# for Mobile Money Menu.
  • Select the option 2 — MoMo Pay & Pay Bill
  • Choose 2 >> Pay Bill
  • Select the option 2 — TV & Entertainment
  • DStv/GOtv
  • Enter your Account Number/Smart Card Number
  • Enter Amount
  • Then enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN.

Now you’re done! Kindly wait for the confirmation message to be sent to your mobile phone via SMS and enjoy watching your favourite entertainment related video contents.

This is all that it takes to subscribe or renew for your GOtv monthly subscription.

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