How To Overlap Images In Google Docs

By | December 19, 2022

You may easily overlay photos or text over one another using programs like Microsoft Word, Google Slides, and so forth. However, people are let down when they attempt to accomplish the same thing in Google Docs. Google Docs lacks the option to position a text or image in front of another image. That doesn’t imply it’s impossible to layer text over images, though.

Using the procedures outlined in this post, you can accomplish just that.

Google Docs image layering techniques

  • Making use of the Drawing tool
  • Utilizing the Wrap Text feature

We have detailed descriptions of both of these techniques below.

 using the Drawing tool

By using the Drawing tool, you may layer images in Google Docs.
In this case, we’ll layer the photographs on top of one another using Google Docs’ Drawing tool. The following is a summary of the necessary steps:

  • Launch Google Docs and open your document.
  • Open the Drawing tool . To do this, select “Drawing > New” from the Insert menu.
    To add an image to the document, use the Image option in the Drawing tool. Google Docs will provide a variety of alternatives when you click on it.
  • Repeat the process and tap on the blank area in the Drawing tool to upload a new image.
  • Easily move one image and set it on another image after uploading all the images you wish to layer. The stacked photos can be be rotated if you’d like.
  • Once finished, press the Save and Close button. The last image will then be added to your Google Docs document.

Using the Wrap Text option to overlay images In Google Doc

Google Docs’ Wrap Text feature enables you to layer images as well.

The steps are as follows:

  •  Launch Google Docs and open your document.
  • Add a picture to the document b y clicking on the Insert and choosing the appropriate photo.
  • After choosing the picture, click the three vertical dots. Click All picture options after that. By doing this, the right pane’s image options will display. To choose the Wrap Text option, expand the Text Wrapping area in this window.
  • Add a second image, then repeat the procedure .
  • Next, arrange the photographs one on top of the other by dragging them with your mouse or the arrow keys on your computer.

In Google Docs, how can you Layer photographs on top of one another?

With Google Docs’ Drawing tool, you can quickly layer the photographs on top of one another. In the last section, we described how to use Google Docs’ Drawing tool to layer photos. Simply alter the images’ arrangement to layer one image on top of another. To achieve this, simply right-click the image, choose Order, and then choose your preferred option. There are the four possibilities listed below:

Bring to front: With this choice, the chosen image is displayed at the top of all other images.
Bring forward: This choice moves the chosen image forward one step.
Send to back: This choice sends the chosen image to the rear of the gallery.
Send image one step backward with the Send Backward option.
Click Save and Close when finished.

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