How To Make A Paper Airplane

By | October 20, 2022

Kids often love it when they see replicas of the big and fancy things they like including cars, aeroplanes and houses.

In this guide, we will be looking at how you can make your own paper airplane.

Paper Airplane

A paper airplane is a toy airplane that is often made of paper or paperboard and is folded into a glider shape.
Depending on how skillfully it is created, the type of paper, whether there is wind, and how well it is thrown, the “traditional” airplane can fly up in the air¬†around 12 feet.

How To Make A Paper Airplane

Follow the process below to make a paper airplane.

  1. Lay a rectangle-shaped piece of printer paper on a flat surface. To make the paper into a long rectangle, fold it in half lengthwise. Before unfolding the paper once more, crease the fold with your fingernail.
  2. Beginning in the center of the paper, fold two triangles.
  3. On both sides of the paper, fold smaller triangles starting at the bottom.
  4. Fold the excess paper up from the bottom.
  5. Create a diamond by folding upward.
  6. Turn the piece of paper over, then fold two of the points inward.
  7. Reduce by half.
  8. Using the half-pieces that have been folded, fold the paper airplane’s wings.
  9. Fold the tail up and partially unfold the plane’s center section. (I would make it stick together by adding a tiny bit of tape or glue in the middle.)
  10. You’ve created a Cool Paper plane¬†successfully.

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