How To Make A Letterhead In Google Docs

You can easily make Letterheads for your professional, academic, and personal projects using Google Docs. This is because you can utilize this application without any built-in software.

A business document must include a letterhead, especially when dealing with legal issues. The company’s name, logo, contact information, and address must all be included on a business letterhead.

In this guide, we will be looking at how you can have a letterhead in your google doc file.

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What Information Must Be on Your Letterhead?

Depending on your needs, the answer to this question changes. You might think about including the following things in a business letter:

  • Slogan or tagline for a logo
  • Name,
  • Address,
  • Phone (s)
  • Website
  •  Email Numbers of Professional Licenses
  • Memberships Award Signatures
  •  Established Date
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How to Create a Letterhead in Google Docs Using Templates


Making a letterhead from scratch is made easier by the use of templates. If you’ve never made a letterhead before, this is a safe place to start. You can start by using the straightforward instructions listed below to assist you.


  • Check out the various templates in the Template Gallery by opening Google Docs.
  • To view the Google Docs templates that are offered, select the Template Gallery option. According to their intended application and classification, the templates are already grouped.
  • To begin developing your letterhead design, go for the Letters templates under the General tab and choose one from the ones that are offered.
  • By selecting the desired design, click to open the template. By making changes to the default text placeholders, you can now change the letterhead’s content.

Using Google Docs To Create a letterhead


  • Launch Google Docs and choose Blank to begin a brand-new document.
  • To access the document’s header area, select Header from the Insert menu.
  • Select Image from the Insert menu to include your company’s logo or icon on the letterhead. You have the option to upload via Google Drive, a URL, or your computer.
  • Your chosen image will show up in the document’s header section when you pick it. Make sure the image stays within the paper’s margins when you choose to resize it.
  • The relevant details for your business, such as its name, phone number, and address, can now be added. For your letterhead design, a footer is also an option.
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Create a page header in Google Docs

  • Launch Google Docs.
  • For a Blank template, click the sizable + icon.
  • You ought to be gazing at an empty page.
  • Choose Headers & footers, then Header, out of the Insert menu.

A thin horizontal line and a checkbox for each of the first-page headings should now be visible. The line is merely a visual cue; it won’t appear on your letterhead.


The Header Image’s Addition


There are numerous ways to add photographs to Google Docs, as well as other formats.


  • Choose Image from the Insert menu.
  • From the side menu, select Upload from Computer. As an option, you can upload from several sources like your camera, Google Drive, Photos, and URLs.
  • Upload your image file by navigating to it. Your header area will display the picture.

To reveal the image’s sizing controls, click it.

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