How To Make A Crossword Puzzle On Google Docs

By | December 17, 2022

Crossword puzzle solving is a fantastic brain workout, but developing your own will advance your acrostic writing abilities. You can quickly construct a crossword for any level of ability using Google Sheets; either you want a fun way to test your vocabulary words or you want to attempt a cipher worthy of a newspaper.

In this post, we will look at how you can get your crossword puzzle in google sheet.

Benefits of Crossword Puzzle

Below are some benefits you stand to benefit when you partake in crossword puzzles

stress reduction

Life’s pressures can come from a variety of places, but word games like crosswords can help you unwind and reduce your stress. You can feel much happierĀ  by taking brief breaks while focused on solving your daily task.

Retention of memory

By solving a word puzzle, you can exercise your brain and maintain your memory and executive function, among other cognitive benefits. This could be improved even further by making the puzzles more challenging, setting a timer, or employing fewer resources to assist you in solving them.

Increased vocabulary

By solving crossword puzzles, you’re continuously attempting to recall words you already know but may not have used in a while. If you do not even grasp them yet, you might even look them up in a dictionary, all of which results in improving your vocabulary abilities.

Mental health

You’re retrieving details from your past to assist you find the answer by solving a word problem. Revisiting your memories not only improves your memory but also adds to a healthier brain; according to dementia experts, so that this aids in improving the synaptic connections in the brain while promoting happiness.

How To Make A Crossword Puzzle On Google Docs

Follow the steps below to make a customised crossword puzzle.

  • Activate this Flippity extension in Google Sheets. Additionally, as soon as you add this extension, a new Google Sheet appears in a new tab and requests permission to start. To move forward, click the continue button.
  • A Gmail page connected to your Google Sheets launches. If you’re not logged in, you can access the Flippity add-on in Google Sheets by entering your email address.
  • You are now prepared to include the Flippity crossword template. Click Add-ons -> Flippity -> Pick A Template to get started.
  • It will display around 19 templates for various games. One of them allows you to make crossword puzzles in Google Sheets using a Flippity Crossword.
  • Hit Use to include this Flippity Crossword template. After that, it creates a template and shows up instantly in your Google Sheets. Additionally, the URL pop-up window appears above the template.
  • Words and Clue are the names of two columns. You can fill up the column with your words and a hint. The upper left corner of the sheet has a name field as well. After customizing the Crossword game in Google Sheets, select File -> Publish to the web once more. The template will then be published after you click on Publish.
  • You will receive the link after publishing the template, which you may copy and paste into a new tab search engine. However, releasing the template does not equate to releasing the puzzle game. You must carry all the aforementioned steps in order to publish the Crossword puzzle URL. Go to Add-ons > Flippity > URL and click. Your Crossword game link will then be available for sharing with your friends.


You can now access the Crossword Puzzle game via the URL that you see. You can click the link, and it will open a new tab for you. Three separate symbols will be displayed, the first of which is for reloading the crossword, the second for locking or hiding the solution key, and the third for printing the crossword.

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