How To Keep Your iPhone From Overheating?

By | March 30, 2022

Keep your iPhone from Overheating: It’s completely normal if you notice your iPhone getting a little warm during use. The metal case effectively acts as a sort of heat diffuse when your phone works hard. Apple implies the advance technology to use the metal case as a heat-sink that allows the iPhone to perform smoothly without integrating any fan or cooling system.

Also, the device might heat up a bit while on charging due to the transfer of electricity. But that’s not a big deal. 

If your iPhone is overheating constantly to a level where it becomes too hot to handle, there’s a problem. The moment you realise that you need to take some quick measure to prevent any serious happening.

Before that let’s understand why does the iPhone get hot?

Basically the internal temperature of the mobile phone very much depends on the temperature of that place. An overheated iPhone can cause problems like battery draining, forced shutdown and not turning on. In some cases, it might cause the CPU to meltdown if it reaches the extreme temperatures.

The reason is not just the temperature, it could be the battery too. Or maybe you have too many applications running in the background that consumes too much battery and end up with iPhone overheating.

It might be you using your iPhone too frequently causing it to overheat. This increases the pressure on the phone’s battery. Or maybe you’ve overcharged the phone by not disconnecting the charger even after the battery reaches 100% and in this condition chances of your iphone repair is also 100%. 

  1. Act fast and turn it off

As soon as you notice that your iPhone is hot, do not wait for the warning message, make a quick move and turn it off. Shutting down will prevent the iPhone to further overheat and reduce the chances of damage to the internal components.

  1. Protect from direct sunlight

You are advised to not leave your device under direct sunlight for too long. Avoid leaving it the car in extremely high temperatures. Apple does not recommend using the iPhone in above 103 degrees temperature as the combination of glass/metal heats up very quickly in hot temperatures.

  1. Avoid quick temperature shifting

Some users keep their iPhone in the freezer for cooling after receiving a high-temperature warning. They do so with an intention to save the phone from heating, but they don’t know what’s happening in reality. Just think what would happen if you put a hot glass or bowl into the freezer? Rapid temperature shifts can cause the dampness resulting in a disaster. Instead of the freezer, you can use a fan to cool off the device.

  1. Close the background applications

If too many applications are open in the background it will drain the battery and strain the processor resulting in iPhone overheating. It is advised to close all the unnecessary applications. When you’re home, you can turn off those apps that require live locations or advanced graphics.

  1. Do not use your iPhone during charging

If you are charging and using the phone simultaneously, it will overburden the battery. And if the battery is old it might not be able to handle too much strain. If possible shut down the iPhone when you plug in the charger. It will boost the charging speed too.

  1. Better to deactivate the Bluetooth mode

To save the battery and keep the device cool, it’s better to turn off the Bluetooth if it is not currently in use. You can swipe up from the bottom of the home screen and tap on Bluetooth icon to deselect it. The process is however same in X-series iPhone, you just need to swipe off from the top-right.

  1. Keep a check on battery usage of each app

There are a number of applications that eat up too much battery. Generally, the apps that are using location services and background refresh consume more battery even if the application is closed. TO check which app is responsible for battery draining, you can check the battery usage. To do so, click “Settings” and tap “Battery” you can now closely monitor every application’s battery usage.

  1. Don’t keep your iPhone under the pillow

Every second person is guilty of hiding the phone under a pillow or maybe a pile of clothes, while it is on charging. Be it by mistake or out of habit. This is not right. The phone needs proper airflow and if you put the phone under the pillow while on charging, the airflow will be blocked. It will result in heating up of the device.

These tips and tricks can be really helpful if it’s just simple overheating. But there can be other reasons for iPhone overheating. There might be an internal issue if the device frequently gets too hot and hard to handle. If the tips mentioned here are not enough to get the things straight, you should seek help from trained professionals.

Bonus Tip: Many app updates contain bug fixes that can increase the performance of your devices, meaning they are going to use less energy from your computer. Avoid keeping your phone along with the tablet or laptop.

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