How To Reverse Wrong Vodafone Cash Transaction In Ghana 2022

By | April 9, 2022

This is a process whereby Vodafone Ghana customer can initiate a transaction reversal to hold an amount of money wrongly sent or where the customer wrongly enter a number during a withdrawal at an agent point and initiate a reversal to hold the said amount.

What Is Vodafone Cash Reversal?

The Vodafone Cash reversal is the mobile money transaction reversal method that is used to request a wrong money to be on hold when a Vodafone Cash customer sends money to a wrong person from his or her Vodafone Cash wallet or Vodafone Cash agent.

Many people have been making this everyday simple mistakes when transferring money via Vodafone Cash or using any other Mobile Money service in Ghana by our telecommunication networks.

Imagine at a point in time, you wanted to send money to your loved one or for business purpose and mistakenly sent that money to the wrong person on Vodafone Cash, it then turns as bad debt.

But there is a reason why you should not worry about that — since there is a way you can retrieve this money being sent to that Vodafone Cash wallet.

The Vodafone Cash reversal helps you reverse wrong transactions in Ghana at ease.

In this article, I will like to walk you through the complete guide on How To Reverse Wrong Vodafone Cash Transaction In Ghana for 2022.

What Is Vodafone Cash Code In Ghana?

The Vodafone Cash Code Is *110#. You can use this Mobile money short code to transfer money from your Vodafone Cash to another Vodafone Cash, MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, Glo Money, GCB G-Money, Zeepay Mobile Money etc.

You can also use the Vodafone Cash short code to reverse any wrong transaction in Ghana and that is what we shall be looking at.

How To Reverse Vodafone Cash Transfer In Ghana

You can initiate Vodafone Cash reversal by following the steps below.

  • Dial *110# on your mobile phone
  • Go to My Account and Select 7 Self-Service
  • Select 2 for self reversal.
  • Follow the options available to reverse your Vodafone Cash transfer

Self reversal does not freeze the account but rather holds the said amount in which a reversal is being made. After this, a Vodafone Ghana subscriber who is using Vodafone Cash should keep in mind that there will be no service charge for any self initiated reversal.

Self initiated reversal can only be done 3 times in a day. For any further enquires about this, you can contact Vodafone Ghana helpline on 100 for more help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vodafone Cash Reversal In Ghana

Q1. What is a Self-Initiated Reversal?

It is a Mobile money transaction reversal where a customer can initiate a transaction reversal to hold an amount wrongly sent to another customer (P2P) or where a customer inputs a wrong TILL number during a withdrawal at an Agent point and initiates a reversal to hold the specific amount.

How To Reverse Vodafone Cash In Ghana

If you want to do Vodafone Cash reversal, you can start by dialing *110#, go to 7 My Account, 7 Self-Service and select 2 for Self-Reversal.

Does the money reverse automatically after the self-initiation?

No. the VCASH Back office team will investigate the request and solve the issue within 24 hours.

How many times in a day can I initiate for my money to be reversed?

The number of times you can initiate for your money to be reserved is 3 times in Vodafone Cash in Ghana.

Can I initiate a reversal on an already reversed amount?

No! You cannot initiate a reversal on an already reversed amount on Vodafone Cash.

Will I be charged if I self-initiate and my money is later reversed to my wallet?

No, you will not be charged of you do self-initiate on your money.

How To Reverse Payment On Vodafone Cash In Ghana

You can follow all the simple guide and reverse Vodafone Cash wrong transaction using the steps here.

You can read more about Vodafone Cash Reversal frequently asked questions

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