How To Get Free Money In Your Mobile Money Account

By | June 5, 2023

How to Get Free Money in Your Mobile Money Account in Ghana has become a simple and easier way you could make money via your mobile phone legitimately.

Getting free money in your mobile money account is very possible and there are several ways that you can actually use to get money in your account.

In this article, we will be going through these ways on How to Get Free Money in Your Mobile Money Account in Ghana and by the time we will be done, you will have some ‘source’ of income in addition to your regular source of income.

Before you could make free money in your mobile money wallet in Ghana, these are some of the jobs below you can do.

MoMo Commission

There is a probability for one to be getting Free Money Through MoMo Commission in Ghana.

One way that you can get free money on your mobile money account is through the mobile money commission. The mobile money commission is given out based on the level of transaction that you make on your mobile money account.

These commissions and interests are mostly given out by the telecommunication companies every three to four months and as earlier indicated, this is based on the level of your transaction.

For instance, if you are a regular user of the mobile money platform and you have kept quite a substantial amount of money in your mobile money account, you will get some money from the telecommunication company as interest or commission because they assume that you helped to sustain the system.

One thing you must know is that a person who kept an amount of GHC 50 in his or her account will receive a lower commission than a person who kept an amount of GHC 500 in his or her account.

Pension And Insurance Scheme

One best way to get Free Money in Your Mobile Money Account is by Getting free money through the mobile money pension and insurance scheme.

The various mobile money systems have incorporated pension and insurance schemes. This helps mobile phone users to plan and build their future toward old age.

With the insurance, you will need to invest some money and within 90 days or 182 days, you will get the chance to receive some amount in addition to the principal amount that you invested.

The amount you receive can be said to be free money because you did not do any ‘hard’ work to gain it and with this also, the higher the amount, the higher your commission.


You could be getting free money through sports betting and get paid through mobile money as free money.

Well, this is quite an awkward way, however, it is also a way that you can use to make some free money through your mobile money account.

With this, get a betting company and stake a bet with an amount that when you lose the bet, would not affect you negatively. Once you will the bet, you will have the chance to get paid with the mode of payment being mobile money.

For instance, if you staked GHC 5 and won GHC 500, the difference can be considered as free money because there is little work done in this regard.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply referring a product or service to people and get paid as commission. You will need to share your affiliate link for people to follow, make purchase before you can earn commission.

If you are a Content Creator, Influencer or Affiliate join us to earn commissions.

Jumia Affiliate program is one of the affiliate programs you could start and make money via Mobile Money. You can join Jumia Affiliate Marketing via the official website: — and earn money via your Mobile Money.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you a writer, student or have all it takes to write like a pro on a given topic?

The best way to make money online in Ghana out of this is to become a freelance writer and get paid through mobile money. There are various online platforms that allow you to write and get paid via MoMo in Ghana.

Few to mention are Opera News Hub that pays through Mobile Money (MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash or AirtelTigo Money), 15Ghana and more.

You may read more of how to work and get paid through Mobile Money in Ghana here.

I believe this article guide has been of good use on How To Get Free Money In Your Mobile Money Account in Ghana.

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