How To Find Your Lost Smartphone With “Find My Device”

By | June 5, 2023

How To Find Your Lost Smartphone With “Find My Device”. With Find My Device, this application is known to be The New Era Of Finding Your Lost Smartphone using the power of the internet.

This is the improvement in technology of how to find your lost Android phone with “Find My Device” and everything you need to know.

As humans, to talk about the time from the rapid advancement of technology, improvement in technology gadgets and devices, effective use of technology devices in our everyday lives, smartphone has become part of us and this has made it in such that, within a single day, human can’t live without this device (smartphone).

Though smartphone has become part of human life as we used it each and every day, we sometimes forget it as portable device and leave it somewhere or sometimes inside commercial cars before notifying. This always happen to the extent that, someone might even steal the phone and that’s one reason not to worry anymore since the new technology has come to help keep track and find your lost android phone in a simple way.

Google is here with the solution to track and find your lost android phone by the use of our Gmail account. This is going to help you get back your lost android phone by the help of Google and their previous was to find your device when your android phone is on silent and can’t be found anywhere but this one is to find your device when it’s lost.

Making Use Of Google’s “Find My Device” Option

You might be lucky when the phone is not turned off or there is a factory reset, but rather connected to the internet. With this, your lost android smartphone needs to be connected to the internet either mobile data or via Wi-Fi network to be able to access Find My Device. Another important thing is to keep the location feature turned on, which is the “Find My Device” on your android phone.

Steps To Find Your Lost Android Phone

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Gmail account
  3. Click on misplaced/lost device at the top screen
  4. Sign in into that lost device and you’ll see a map.
  5. The map will then show you where your android device is located.

Follow these processes and find your lost android device the easy way.

Other features to follow

Google has made a lot of features within this their service to help you locate your lost android device of which some is by locating your android phone when on silent mood by playing a sound and your phone will ring at full volume for 5 minutes when you misplaced it and some other features are;

  • The Erase feature

The feature brought by Google that helps you deletes everything from your lost android phone permanently when you think someone stole it for your sensitive data stored on it.

  • The lock feature

With this lock feature, it will help you lock your android device with PIN, pattern or password. It also enables you to add your contact details to the lock screen of your lost device to help you get it back when found by someone.

In summary

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Using any of the above features is based on your own choice and also erasing your data from your lost android device is going to cause Find My Device not to work on your phone.

Hope this article helps, kindly share to save a brother to find his lost android device quickly.

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