How To Download MTN Pulse App In Ghana

By | August 23, 2022

MTN Pulse is one of the juicy bundle offers made possible by mobile telecommunications giant, Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN).

To make the bundle offer experience more unique, an app was developed for it, and on the app, you can choose more data allowance over voice minutes, get exclusive movie premiere tickets, free dining at your favorite restaurants, and coupons for various other brands.

Additionally, MTN Pulse allows you to tweet, browse, post, and share whatever you want. This article guide here will help you gain more insight into how to download the MTN Pulse app in Ghana for 2022.

About MTN

In Ghana, MTN has 17,790,000 subscribers and in the year, 2018, MTN Ghana held its initial public offering (IPO). On July 31, 2019, all qualified applicants were offered up to 4,637,394,533 ordinary shares in MTN Ghana, representing 35% of the company’s equity.

MTN Ghana and Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) signed an agreement in 2015 to allow MTN Ghana to offer 4G LTE mobile services to its Ghanaian customers. In addition, MTN mobile money, along with other payment methods, was included as a payment method for the MTN share offer subscription.

How To download MTN Pulse App

The app is only available for Android devices and even with that, it is not downloadable from the Google PlayStore. You can get it in an Android Application Package (APK). If you want to download the app, visit the URL,

If you are in Uganda, you can also download the app on Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore.

How To Install MTN Pulse App

Once you get the APK version on your phone, just proceed to extract the package and click on install. Be sure to give the necessary permission in the settings of your phone in order to have a successful installation.

MTN’s headquarters are in Johannesburg, and as of December 2020, the company had 280 million subscribers, making it the world’s eighth largest mobile network operator and Africa’s largest.

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