How To Delete Custom Colors In Google Docs

By | December 13, 2022

While formatting elements like the font style, subscript, text size, or text color are involved, it’s incredibly simple to update the data in a document that you are generating in Google Docs.

It can be a smart idea to change the way your content looks for certain types of documents where the visual presentation is more crucial, but in more formal settings it might be unwelcome or even absolutely prohibited.

You can make some documents better by adding colorful or unique changes. The page orientation is one of many aesthetic settings in Google Docs that can impact how your audience perceives your work.

In this guide, we are looking at how to delete custom colors in Google docs.

How To Delete Custom Colors In Google Docs

  • Launch the file.
  • Highlight the colored text.
  • Press the Text color button.
  • Select your preferred colour.

The easiest approach to alter the font color or highlight color in a Google document is to simply highlight the text, click the Font color button (or the appropriate setting), and then choose the font color, font style, or highlight color you desire to use. The color you need, if you’re attempting to get back to a default setting, is presumably black, which is available in the color picker’s upper left corner.

Additionally, you can choose Clear formatting from the menu by clicking the Format tab at the window’s top. Additionally, you can eliminate all formatting from a text selection by pressing the Ctrl + keyboard shortcut.

How to ReverseGoogle Docs’ text color to Default (Black)

The procedures listed below explain how to remove custom colors from text in Google Docs that have already been applied.

  • Access the document that includes  the text you want to modify the color of from your Google Drive.
  • Choose the incorrectly colored text.
  • To select it all and alter the text color throughout the whole  document, click anywhere inside it and then press Ctrl + A on your keyboard.
  • Choose the black text color (default color )by clicking the Text color button in the toolbar just above document.

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