How To Create A Quiz For Your Online Classes Using Google Slides

By | April 13, 2023

For your online classes, you may make interactive quizzes using Google Slides, a robust tool. You can simply make interesting quizzes that will aid your pupils in learning and remembering crucial information thanks to its user-friendly design and many capabilities.

In this guide, we have simplified the easy way you can use Gogle Slides to make a quiz.

How To Create A Quiz For Your Online Classes Using Google Slides

Follow the process below in order to have your online quiz done with Google slides.

Step 1: Create a quiz plan

It’s crucial to plan out your quiz before you begin to write it. Choose the themes you want to cover and the number of questions you are interested in including. Consider the questions you want to ask, such as true-false, multiple-choice, or short-answer inquiries. Choosing your quiz’s level of difficulty is also crucial.

Step 2: Make a New Presentation on Google Slides

An updated Google Slides presentation can be made once you have a strategy in place. Choose “Google Slides” from the drop-down menu when you click “New” on the toolbar. You have the option of picking or making your own presentation theme.

Step 3: Add Your Questions

For every query in your quiz, make a new slide. To further clarify the issue, you can add text fields, pictures, or videos to each slide. Stay away from any jargon or technical phrases that can confuse your students and make sure the questions are brief and understandable.

Step 4: Include Answer Options

Now is the time to add answer options once your questions are in place. You can make text boxes or shapes for each response choice in multiple-choice questions. Use text boxes or checkboxes for true-or-false inquiries. You can utilize text boxes or make a line for students to enter their answers in for short answer questions.

Step 5: Connect the correct answer slide to the answer options.

You must connect each answer option to a slide that contains the proper response in order to construct an interactive quiz. To do this, choose the appropriate response, then click “Insert” and “Link.” Select the proper slide by selecting “Slides in this presentation” from the drop-down menu. For each answer option, repeat this procedure.

Step 6: Create a final score slide

You can make a final score slide once you have all of your questions and responses ready. This slide should show the student’s grade and offer constructive criticism. With the students who do well, you can add a text box that reads “Congratulations!” whiles you add a text box that reads “Keep studying!” to encourage the low performing ones.

Step 7: Add Navigation Buttons

You need to include navigation buttons in your quiz to make it simple for students to move around. You can design buttons that lead to the final score slide, the previous question, or both. Insert a shape, then link it to the relevant slide to create a button.

Step 8: Run a quiz test

It’s crucial to test your quiz to ensure everything is working correctly before distributing it to your pupils. Make sure the links between each question and possible response are correct by going over each one. Verify that the final score slide appropriately represents the student’s grade.

Step 9: Distribute Your Test

You can distribute your quiz to your pupils after you’ve tested it. Either embed the quiz on your website or learning management system, or distribute the URL to the Google Slides presentation.

In conclusion, utilizing Google Slides to create a quiz is a fantastic method to keep your online students interested. You may quickly make an interactive quiz that will aid in your students’ learning and memory retention by following these steps. Keep in mind to test your quiz before sending it to your students, keep the questions concise and easy to understand, and add graphics and videos to make it more interesting.

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