How to Change Hotspot Name

On both your iPhone and your Android phone, you can change the name of your mobile hotspot so that it appears differently on other devices.

You can select any name while renaming your hotspot. But keep in mind that you will need to input the password again on any devices that have saved it for your network.


This is due to the fact that those devices view your renamed hotspot as a brand-new wireless network. However, if you want to know how to change your hotspot name, then this article is best for you. In this write-up, we will show you all the steps to follow to change the hotspot name.

How Does a Hotspot Work?

An encrypted password is needed to access a hotspot, which is a wireless internet connection. An Internet service provider sends a wireless signal to the hotspot in order for it to operate.

The ISP’s server provides users with access to the internet when they log in. Wireless access points are known as hotspots. It controls Internet connectivity between all network-capable devices, much like your home router.

How to Change Hotspot Name on an iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on General.
  • Then tap “About” at the top of the General page.
  • At the top of the next tab, select Name.
  • Enter the new iPhone’s hotspot name.
  • Tap Done.

How to Change Hotspot Name on Android

  • On your phone, open Settings.
  • Tap on the Network & Internet.
  • Select the Hotspot & Tethering option.
  • Tap on the WiFi hotspot option.
  • Then tap the Hotspot Name.
  • Clear the current name from the “Hotspot Name” box and enter your new name. Then tap”OK.”

How to Connect to Your iPhone Hotspot

Find your iPhone’s name in a list of accessible WiFi networks on another device, then use that information to connect to your iPhone’s hotspot over WiFi. When prompted for a WiFi password, you can enter the hotspot password for your iPhone.

Simply open the Bluetooth settings on your device to connect to your iPhone’s hotspot over Bluetooth. A Bluetooth mouse or wireless headphones would also connect in the same manner. Next, on your device, select Connect to Network. Depending on what device you’re connecting, this can be different.

Verify that the code shown on both your smartphone and the iPhone is the same. Then on your iPhone, tap Pair.

Just insert your iPhone into your USB-enabled device to establish a USB connection to your iPhone’s hotspot. Next, look for the name of your hotspot in the list of networks you have access to. Your iPhone hotspot can show up as an Ethernet connection if you’re attempting to connect via a PC.

More Information about How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

  • The Personal Hotspot on the iPhone is comparable to a mobile or Wi-Fi hotspot that you may get from your cellular operator. However, these gadgets frequently come with an extra monthly fee, and they could even use the same mobile data plan that you currently have for your iPhone.
  • On earlier iPhone models, such as the iPhone 6, you can access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the Home screen. On more recent iPhone models, such as the iPhone 11, with a notch at the top, you can accomplish this by swiping down from the top-right corner.
  • Open Personal Hotspot from the Settings menu and press the button to the right of the choice to allow others to join. Alternatively, open the Control Center, tap and hold on to the Connectivity square, then tap the Personal Hotspot button.
  • The network name, the password for the Personal Hotspot, and whether or not that setting is enabled are the only Hotspot settings that can be changed.
  • The top of the screen will have a blue bar if another device is using your data connection. As an alternative, you can tap your finger down on the Connectivity square in the Control Center to display the Personal Hotspot section’s list of connected devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you block devices connecting to your WiFi hotspot?

Yes. Within your phone’s settings, you can stop specific devices from connecting to your hotspot.

How can I create a strong WiFi hotspot password?

Don’t include any apparent information that can be used to identify you or your device; instead, use a mix of alphanumeric characters.


On iPhone and Android, changing the hotspot names is simple. It only takes a little while. We really hope that this guide was useful. You should be able to update the hotspot name using the instructions provided in this article.

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