How To Complete Your MTN Biometric SIM Registration Using The App

By | February 15, 2022

Completing your MTN Biometric SIM Registration using the App by MTN Ghana will help you stay at home and get your SIM card registered easily for you.

The government of Ghana has given a directive to all the telecommunication networks in Ghana to have their customers register their sim cards as well as do the sim re-registration for those who are already using their sim cards.

All persons in Ghana are required to register their MTN SIM card before March 31, 2021 — to avoid loosing your phone numbers.

In our today’s article guide, we shall take a look at the possible steps involved in how to Complete Your MTN Biometric SIM Registration Using The App in Ghana.

How To Complete Your MTN Biometric SIM Registration

This is the easier steps to follow and get your MTN Biometric SIM Card registered in Ghana.

  1. Dial the SIM registration code, *404#
  2. Select the option 1 — Register
  3. Enter your Ghana Card number without the hyphen
  4. Enter your surname
  5. Enter your first name (s)
  6. Provide your Date of Birth in systematic order. Day, month and Year.
  7. Enter your gender. eg. Male/Female
  8. Now, you should confirm your provided details

This is how to easily do the MTN Biometric SIM Card registration by linking your Ghana Card to your SIM card as recommended by MTN Ghana.

There shall be a confirmation message and registration code sent to you, of which you will have to wait for.

How To Complete Your MTN Biometric SIM Registration Using The App

After following the normal steps involved in the MTN SIM registration and linking your Ghana Card, you should check our complete guide on how to complete the MTN Biometric SIM registration with the MTN Ghana App.

As explained above, you will have to receive a code to make your next registration phase completed on the MTN registration App now.

This stage as the registration process for phase 2 can only be done at an MTN agent across the country. Just head toward any MTN agent and provide your required documents.

To register using the MTN App, kindly download the MTN App on Google Play Store now. There are some recommended phones that can be used for the registration of the SIM Card on the app and these are; Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge.

If you are iOS user, keep note that all iPhone users in Ghana cannot download this app — since the app does not work on iOS.

You might be facing issues about your biometric data capturing, and you can visit any nearby MTN Ghana customer care service to get this done for you.

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