How To Check Voicemails From Blocked Numbers On Android

By | January 4, 2023

Blocked numbers are a typical phenomenon in life. Perhaps you don’t want to accept calls from specific persons, or maybe your phone carrier has given you a list of blacklisted numbers.

Whenever you block a phone number, the call automatically goes to voicemail and you can listen to it later. If you don’t desire to listen to the message, you can leave it on another number, such as your home phone or cell phone.

In this article, we are going to look at how you can check your voicemails from blocked numbers on Android.

What Takes Place When a Number Is Blocked on Android?

Android user can be completely confident of how to ban a phone number. Excessive calls from the number can be stopped by blocking them on your phone.  On Android, blocking a phone number prevents the owner from contacting you. Only one ring will be heard before voicemail is left. You won’t receive the “Delivered” indication if you send an SMS, either. To blocked numbers, though, you can still send and receive text messages. These techniques are simple to use and fully private. On Android, blocking a number prevents that person from getting notifications. This is why it’s so useful to be able to ban a phone number on an Android device. Even if you receive messages from the person, they won’t be aware that you’ve blocked them.

How To Check Voicemails From Blocked Numbers On Android

  • Launch your Phone App: Open the phone app and enter the banned number to listen to voicemails left on a blocked number. The call history will show any fresh voicemails that have been left.
  • Click “Settings” from the menu by hitting on the “three dots” button: On an Android device, click “settings” from the menu button (the three dots) to listen to voicemails left by blacklisted numbers. Scroll to the bottom to “voicemail” on the settings screen and click it. Tap the phone number you want to use to check your voicemail on the voicemail page. You can listen to messages if the number is not blacklisted. You won’t be able to read messages or view any information about them if the number is blacklisted.
  • Choose “Phone”: Choose “Phone” from the main menu and enter the blocked number to accomplish this. You can listen to and erase your voicemail messages if you have access to the voicemail associated with your blocked phone.
  • To locate “Blocked Numbers,” scroll to the bottom: By scrolling down and selecting “Blocked Numbers,” you can listen to voicemails left by blocked numbers. You can click on the banned number once you’ve found it to access your voicemails.
  • Select the icon that resembles a white cloud with two arrows radiating from it by tapping on it.
  • Voicemails from people who have been blocked won’t play when you receive them. You can tap the image of a white cloud with two arrows pointing out of it to see if a voicemail from a blocked number has previously been played.

    If you are blocked, Can They  listen to your voicemail?

    The voicemail you’ve left somebody can still be heard even if they’ve blacklisted your phone number. The fact that J they blocked you doesn’t mean they can’t listen to voicemails you deliver to them; you can still send them voicemails and they can still listen to them just like any other contact on their contact list.

    How can I stop voicemails from blacklisted numbers?

    Turning off voicemail on your Android phone is the only way to prohibit blocked numbers from leaving voicemails; otherwise, blocked numbers still have the right to leave voicemails on your Android phone.

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