How To Buy WAEC Result Checker With Vodafone Cash

By | December 2, 2023

Buying for your WAEC Result Checker With Vodafone Cash in Ghana is now easier task to perform due to the rapid advancement of technology and its applications.

Did you know that you can purchase WAEC result checker pin using Vodafone Cash?… Gone were the days parents and candidates used to trek to the internet cafes and printing press to buy the result checker card and check their results.

Technology has made things easier as it is now possible for Candidates and parents to purchase WAEC Results Checker PINs and check BECE/ WASSCE results through SMS or phone using Mobile Money (MoMo).

In this article guide, we are going to follow the easier steps on how to buy WAEC Result Checker using Vodafone Cash.

All MTN Mobile Money subscribers can also check out the complete steps on how to buy the WASSCE results checker card using MTN Mobile Money.

Cost Of WAEC Result Checker For Normal Mobile Money Users

  • The cost of buying 1 is GH₵ 10.00
  • The cost of buying between 1 to 9 pieces is GH₵ 9.00 each
  • The cost of buying between 10 to 20 pieces is GH₵ 8.00 each
  • The cost of buying over 20 pieces is GH₵ 7.50 each

How To Buy WAEC Result Checker With Vodafone Cash

  1. Dial the MONIcliq portal short code (*714*783#)
  2. Select Buy Voucher
  3. Select WAEC
  4. Enter the Quantity you want to buy (see notes)
  5. Enter and confirm the recipients phone number.
  6. Confirm the transaction details.
  7. You will received a prompt from VODAFONE CASH within 30 seconds to confirm the transaction
  8. Enter your VODAFONE CASH Pin code to authorize the transaction

The result checker details will be sent to the recipient via SMS and the checker can be used for all examination conducted by WAEC (BECE, SSCE, WASSCE, ABCE, GBCE).

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