How to Access BECE WAEC Past Questions Online for Free

By | December 2, 2023

You do not have to buy Pasco this year. Let us learn how BECE candidates can access WAEC past questions online for free this year together. Trust me, you can get all the past questions from 1991 to 2022.

The Basic Education Certificate Examination is about to commence and thus, all registered BECE candidates will be looking for ways to pass their exams — by utilizing the power of past questions.

In today’s technology era, a lot of JHS students are stacked to smartphones in such that, they even feel lazy to pick a book and learn on their own. If not the classroom, there is no way a JHS student who has registered as a BECE candidate will take books to learn on their own — due to the high rate of smartphones in our environment. We can actually turn this smartphone syndrome into something that can help candidates pass their exams and that is exactly what I want us to do now.

In today’s article, I would like to show you how to download BECE WAEC past questions online for free — if you are a BECE candidate.

How BECE Candidates Can Access WAEC Past Questions Online For Free

In the past, accessing past questions for the BECE involved purchasing past question booklets from bookshops or photocopying them from friends. However, with the advent of technology, candidates can now access WAEC past questions online for free.

Most of the BECE candidates are already used to smartphones. It is all about pointing in the right direction where they can find resources to pass their BECE.

Nature of BECE In Ghana

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for Junior High School (JHS) candidates every year. This examination is also a significant milestone in the academic journey of JHS students. That is because it determines the student’s eligibility for admission into senior high school.

The entire BECE examination process takes about two weeks to complete. It is also completely supervised by WAEC officials and not regular teachers.

The papers are also marked and graded by WAEC and students are only able to see their results but not their answers. Of course, you can request for your BECE results remarking but that usually doesn’t help.

To excel in the BECE, students need to prepare adequately, and one of the best ways to do this is by practicing past questions. That is the only way you will get to familiarize yourself with how WAEC set the questions.

How To Pass BECE Easily

BECE is a very tricky examination since it is not set by your teachers. If your teachers should set your BECE questions, they will definitely set them according to your learning ability since they know you better.

It could shock you that 80% of the stuff you actually learned will never appear in your questions but the 20% you ignored will. I have a few guidelines for you that will help you to pass your BECE easily.

  • Try reflecting on everything in your test books. At least you have been taught most of them so try and recollect them by skimming through the test books from the beginning to the end.
  • Learn what you forgot again. It is very important to learn what you forgot again. It is very easy to understand when you have forgotten.
  • Do not overwork your brain. Studying too much also has its consequences. Study a little and rest a little. With that, your brain also gets to rest for another round of learning.
  • Finally, solve past questions. Solve as many WAEC past questions as you can. If you can’t get the right answer for a specific question, learn that topic again. Also, pay attention to the question structures as you solve them.

If you should follow these guidelines, you will be able to get some good results in your BECE sitting.

How To Download BECE WAEC Past Questions Online for Free

There are several websites that offer free downloads of WAEC past questions for the BECE. These websites usually have a database of past questions organized according to subjects and years. Candidates can access these websites by conducting a simple online search for “WAEC past questions for BECE,” and the search results will display various websites that offer free downloads of past questions.

There are also social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups dedicated to sharing past questions for the BECE. Candidates can join these groups by searching for them on the platforms and requesting to join. Once accepted into the group, candidates can access and download past questions from the group’s shared files.

Alternatively, I have also listed a few websites below where you can download BECE WAEC past questions.

  • GalaxyPasco has some of the BECE past questions for free. Visit to download your questions.
  • Another website you can also take a look at is The questions are categorized into subjects so you can easily access them.
  • There is also a BECE past questions app that we wrote about earlier in this blog. You can also download that to help you access past questions.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment box and I will reply as early as possible.

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