How To Borrow Data On 9Mobile

By | August 23, 2022

Data is very essential and necessary for mobile phone users for different uses. Basically, your data running out when surfing the net remains one of the most annoying things that could happen.

Imagine being in such situation where you are stuck because you desperately need data to check something online. The only way to effectively utilize technology in this situation is to discover how to borrow data on 9Mobile.

With this, you can borrow 9Mobile data and pay it back later with your subsequent top-up

In this post. I’d like to walk you through the fundamental actions you must take in order to borrow data on 9Mobile

Prior to changing its name to 9mobile, Etisalat was the company’s name; nonetheless, the majority of people still refer to it as Etisalat.  One of the most reputable and widely utilized network providers in Nigeria is 9Mobile, and for both new and existing clients, they offer one of the greatest data subscription packages.

How To Borrow Data On 9Mobile

Follow the steps below to borrow data on 9mobile.

  • By calling *665*3# or sending the word “STATUS” by message or SMS to the number 665, you can find out if you qualify for Morecredit service and the total amount you can borrow.
  • Once you are informed that you are qualified, dial *665# once more and choose  “Borrow Data”.
  • Select “Choose Loan Amount” at this point to bring up a list of loan amounts from which to select.
  • You can typically borrow N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, N1,150, & N2600 from 9mobile Morecredit.

Your monthly expenditure on data  and airtime play a role in how much data you can borrow. This implies that the amount of data you can borrow increases as you recharge and utilise the borrowing service more frequently. To become eligible, you have to recharge at least N500 a month.

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