How To Become A Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst In Ghana

By | April 19, 2023

Application calls for anyone who is willing to become a Chartered Compliance and Cyber Analyst — to build a digital Ghana.

There are varieties of career opportunities in ICT, and Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst is one of the advanced career opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology world.

In our today’s latest article, I will like to guide you through how to become a Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst (CCCA) in Ghana for 2023.

What Is Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst?

The Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst (CCCA-USA) is the world’s most largest and reputed professional body advancing the acquisition of knowledge in compliance and cyber related issues as well as furnishing certified designation to myriad professionals such as anti-money laundering officers, compliance officers, government regulators; law enforcement/intelligence agents; internal and external auditors; intelligence officers; risk management specialists; attorneys; accountants, information system analysts, investment advisors, real estate compliance specialists, jewelry and precious metal dealers, gaming organizations officers and many other professional within the financial and allied institutions.

Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst Course Structure

Level 1

  • Cyber Security operations (CC1)
  • Enterprise Law (CC2)
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis (CC3)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (CC4)
  • Computer Security (CC5)

Level 2

  • Anti Money Laundering / Countering Financial Terrorism Operations
  • Audit and Tax Compliance
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Law and Ethics
  • Data Security Management

Level 3

  • Cyber and Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Crime Investigation
  • IT Programming and Audit
  • Governance and Ethics

Fee Structure

  • Membership registration fee $30
  • Annual Subscription $30
  • Level one $40 per paper
  • Level two $60 per paper
  • Level three $90 per paper

How to Become A Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst In Ghana

The definition of compliance certification is a credential that signifies that an individual has met a set of criteria specified by the board. The criteria include rigorous standards for professional conduct.

In order to become certified by the CCB, which is a national accrediting agency, or by other accrediting agencies, you must typically complete educational and training requirements, as well as pass an examination.

The Chartered Compliance And Cyber Analyst is a professional examination.

You can start your career with CCCA today.

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