How Long Will Xbox One Be Supported?

By | January 5, 2023

How long will Xbox One be supported after purchase? These are the questions you should be asking right now if you still have your Xbox One, One S/X. Or probably, you are about to purchase one.

Of course, Microsoft discontinued the production of the Xbox One, One S/X for only the Series S/X. It literally means there will likely be no brand-new consoles on the market for sale.

There might be some stores that might still have brand-new consoles in stock but the major consoles on the market right now will definitely be used ones.

If you are looking to get an Xbox One Original, S/X, then let us look at how long it will be supported.

How long will Xbox One be supported?

If we are talking about support, then we are talking about firmware updates, new games and new app support.

The Xbox One manufacturing was discontinued in 2020. What this means to the users of the console is that it is just a matter of time before it becomes obsolete.

As Microsoft’s focus turns to the new Series S/X, there will definitely be no firmware updates and support for the older consoles. However, the Xbox One X is still a new-gen console and still getting support from third parties.

The Xbox One original and S still have lots of third-party games available. As long as people are still buying the Xbox One and One S/X, developers will still continue support for these consoles until the market deems them obsolete and there is no longer profit to be made.

Is Xbox One worth buying this year?

Is Xbox One worth buying? If that is what you want to know, I will gladly say “Yes!” especially if you are paying less than the original price.

The Xbox One original and S might sound a little too low but that does not mean it is out of date. It just does not support a 4K display and other little features compared to the One X.

When comparing the Xbox One S and One X, the difference are quite unnoticeable. You can even check the tech specifications of these three Xbox consoles and you will notice the difference is not that much.

If you have the budget for a new-gen console, why not. Of course, the new consoles starting from the Xbox One X support full backwards compatibility.


I will try to answer some of the questions that you might want to be answered about the Xbox one. If you have a question that I have not answered yet, kindly leave it in the comment box below and I will answer it as early as possible.

How long will Xbox one be supported?

The Xbox One will be supported by developers until the gaming market deems the console obsolete. However, Microsoft might not release future firmware updates for this console since production has been discontinued.

Is Xbox One worth buying?

Yes!… You can still use Xbox one as it stands. The console has very good tech specs that will continue to support games for a long time so the chances of future game releases on the console are endless.

How long is Xbox one going to last?

The Xbox one can last for up to ten years or more. Especially if you take very good care of it. You must also add some level of maintenance to keep it for that long. Check the full article about how long your Xbox one can last as published earlier.

Does Xbox one still have backwards compatibility?

Yes!.. You can still play selected games from previous consoles on the Xbox one. So instead of keeping an Xbox one and older Xbox versions, you can just use your Xbox one to play those games.

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