How Long Does It Take For Steam Support To Respond?

By | February 2, 2023

Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms available right now. Most users get issues and raise tickets to Steam support but how long does it take before they get feedback?

Probably you are one of the platform users waiting in line to get a response from Steam after filing a complaint. In this simple article, I will help you understand how long you have to wait before you get a response from Steam and why you have to wait for that long.

Earlier, I wrote a few articles about the Steam gaming platform including one about the Steam Deck which is the official device for using this platform.

How long before Steam support response

According to Steam, there are over 75,000 requests filed to support almost every single day and that is a very huge number to deal with. However, most of these requests are resolved within a few hours.

The Steam support requests are grouped into four categories which are Refund Requests, Account Security and Recovery, Purchase and Billing Support, Game, and Steam Technical Support. Below is the table that shows the response time for each support request.

Support categoryEstimated response time
Refund Requests50 minutes to 2.40 hours
Account Security & Recovery2.40 hours to 20 hours
Purchase & Billing Support2.40 hours to 22 hours
Game & Steam Technical Support2 hours to 3 days

The majority of Steam support requests are about the Steam refund policy so more support teams are allocated to solving these problems compared to others. Hence you will get a quicker response for Steam refund policy-related complaints.

So you will have to wait for a least three days after filing your complaint before you start running out of patience.

Why does it take so long?

Steam customers do complain about the response time for contacting support. The support team in response created a full page not to only counter the complaints but to also explain why it sometimes takes too long to get feedback.

Steam receives about 75,000 requests each day and that is a huge enough number to cause some of the requests to delay. Since most customers do complain about delays, the Steam backlog and statistics data are made available. At least you will get to know why your request is delayed.

The page provides a data chart on the number of requests and response time for a period of 90 days. Take a look at the data chart in the screenshot below.

How Long Does It Take For Steam Support To Respond

You can find this date on Steam’s official website.

You should also note that the major reason for the delay in response is because of the huge number of requests. If your requests delay more than the average response time, then you can try other means to reach Steam.

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