How Does Lane Assist Work?

By | January 13, 2023

How does lane assist work? If you think about it, it becomes quite complicated to understand how the camera is able to project the lines on the road on your computer dashboard. In this article, we shall see how lane assist works.

If you have driven a vehicle with a full computer dashboard, you will note that the screen projects a graphical version of the road on your screen. This is possible with the help of lane assist.

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What is lane assist?

Lane assist is a technology that is installed in cars to help keep you or alert you when you are crossing the lane. There are three different types of lane assist.

  • Out lane alert
    This system is old tech. It simply alerts you when you are crossing the lane. The system either shows a signal on the board, a beep or sometimes vibrates the steering wheels. It completely depends on which car and what tech has been used.
  • Lane centre
    The lane centre technology does exactly what its name says. It is autonomous technology that centres the vehicle to the middle of the name. If you try moving towards the other lane without showing a turning signal, the vehicle pulls to the centre of the lane automatically. The system displays the entire lane on your computer dashboard
  • Lane keep
    This system works almost like the lane centre. It keeps you in your lane if you try switching lanes without showing a turning signal. The only difference is this doesn’t centre your car. It also displays the lane on your computer dashboard.

How does lane assist work?

The self-driving car is not much of a surprise anymore. It is quite easy these days to find cars with autonomous features.

The lane assist system relies on infrared sensors and cameras to work. The camera is either mounted behind the rearview mirror or on the back of the vehicle.

When the vehicle travels within the lane, the camera captures the lines in real-time and the infrared sensors and the camera reconstructs the lines and project them on the computer screen. The computer then relies on these lines to navigate the vehicles.

Sometimes this system gets unreliable but it is normal. When visibility is low, there is ice on the road or the lines are faded, the system becomes unreliable.


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Does Lane Assist steer your car?

Yes, lane assist uses an autonomous system to detect if the driver is unintentionally moving out of the lane. The system automatically steers the car back into the lane.

Does Lane Assist work at night?

Lane Assist works at night. The normal visibility is good enough for the human eye is also good enough for the camera. In cases where there is no light at all or the lines on the road are not visible, lane assist might not work.

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