Hisense Fridge Prices In Ghana

Hisense Fridge Prices In Ghana

Hisense and their product are currently among the best in the market so far, their products really reach the standards of their consumers and so are their fridges as well.

Hisense has some variable fridges that work perfectly to the expectations of their users, today in this article, we look at the prices of some Hisense fridges in Ghana, these Hisense fridges features energy-efficient, efficient cooling system, affordable. Hisense fridges are also grouped into certain types which are the multi-door, the cross door, the chest freezer, the Upright freezer, the top-mounted double door, the Bottom mounted double door, and the tabletop fridges.

Hisense 264L Double Door Refrigerator – Silver – Traffic Free Gh
Hisense Fridge Prices In Ghana

The list of Hisense fridges and their prices are listed below.

The Double Door with Dispenser goes for a cool GHC1,550

The 150L Single Door also goes for GHC950

The 215L Double Door Fridge is also sold at GHC950

The 130L Table Top Fridge which is the small size also goes for GHC550

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The 260L Chest Freezer is sold at GHC1,100

The 150L Top Fridge can also be bought at GHC890

The 440L Cross Door Fridge which is the silver mode also ranges at the price of GHC3,500

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