How To Find Motherboard Model On Windows

Knowing how to find your motherboard model is very important. If you know which type of motherboard you have in your system, that is when you will know which software and hardware it will support.

Doing certain things like updating your BIOS requires you to install motherboard-specific BIOS software else you will render your board dead. This is one of the major reasons why you must know your motherboard information.

You might be thinking you could simply open your system unit case and check. But what if the computer you are using is a laptop? To avoid the hustle of opening the computer, there is a simpler way to do it and that is what I will be assisting you with.

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How to find the motherboard model

There are two main ways you can find the motherboard make and model number.

Check from the board

The easiest way to check your motherboard make and model number are to simply check it on the motherboard. Usually, the brand is written boldly with the model number below or on top of it. This is very useful if you are using a system unit. If you have a laptop then the only way you could do it is to use the other method.

Simply open your system unit case and look on the board until you see the model number.

Check using system information

Windows has a function that allows you to see all the information about eh computer you are using. We can capitalize on this to check the motherboard model number. Follow the procedure below to check it.

  • Type “system information” into the search bar on the taskbar or you can click on the start button and type it into the search box.
how to find motherboard model
  • Click on the “System Information” app to launch it. You should see your entire system’s information including, your manufacturer, motherboard model, and other important information. Refer to the image below.
how to find motherboard model1

Other methods you can use

In case you want a different way to get to the ‘System Information’ app, there are several ways you can do that.

  • Click on the start button
  • Toggle all apps
  • Click on Windows Tools or in earlier Windows, “Accessories”
  • Click on “System Information”

There is still one more way to open the system information app.

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run app.
  • Type “msinfo32” without the quotes into your run app and hit the enter key to open the ‘System Information’


How do I find my motherboard model

Simply press the combination keys Windows logo + R to start the Run app. Type ”msinfo32” into the Run app without the quotes and hit the enter key. The window that will open will show information about your entire system.

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