Google Is Bringing Microsoft Office And Other Windows App To Chromebooks

Google Is Bringing Microsoft Office And Other Windows App To Chromebooks per information sighted by ICT Catalogue on The Verge.

Google is in partnership with parallels to bring better Windows App support to Chrome Operating System (OS).

Everything about the partnership from Google with parallels is to bring native Microsoft Office applications and other legacy enterprise Windows applications to Chromebooks.

Google made revelation about the new partnership in one of its blog post looking at the future of Chrome OS for enterprises.

While Chrome OS has long supported Windows desktop apps that are streamed via the cloud through a Parallels Remote Application Server, this new partnership deal means the apps will run virtual on Chromebooks instead. The new feature is set to be available which fall for Chrome Enterprise customers.

Parallels Desktop will be integrated natively into Chrome OS, improving performance and enabling offline access for these apps on Chromebooks. It is an amazing, but good initiative that will mean Chrome OS will be able to support both Android apps and Windows apps in the future.

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It will also entice businesses to seriously consider Chromebooks as Windows laptop alternatives for certain employees, without having to invest in solutions to stream business apps to a Chromebooks.

Currently, Google is not giving any information about the Parallels partnership deal yet though, but the company promises “more to come on this over the coming months.”

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