How To Get Free 2GB Data Bundle From Vodafone In Ghana

By | November 14, 2022

Many people have been finding ways they could go about on How To Get Free 2GB Data Bundle From Vodafone In Ghana but we are here with this content to brief you ways to claim free Vodafone Data bundle.

Whatever you are doing online today, you would need a data bundle to accomplish your task and be able to satisfy yourself with your device.

Data bundle is expensive in Ghana these days, and imagine there can be a way for you to get free 2GB data bundle simply by using Vodafone Ghana SIM Card and within some few minutes clicks.

Today in this guide, this article will walk you through How To Get Free 2GB Data Bundle From Vodafone In Ghana 2023.

In this article, we shall make use of the new My Vodafone App and register to get free 2GB Data bundle to surf the internet.

Vodafone Ghana has remained one of the best telecommunication companies in Ghana providing quality mobile service to mobile phone users in the country. As one of the oldest mobile service providers, the telco company has brought a new mobile app that gives Ghanaians free 2GB Data bundle to explore the internet.

Vodafone Ghana is giving out free data bundle to its users of My Vodafone App but many are asking how they could get their own. Just relax and read through today’s useful post here.

Learn the complete steps involved in How To Get Free 2GB Data Bundle From Vodafone In Ghana and browse the internet conveniently.

Features Of My Vodafone Ghana App

Some of the basic features of My Vodafone App are to check out products and services, Pay bills, Purchase packages, use Vodafone Cash, find a retail store, Top up and transfer airtime, voice and data packages, fixed broadband payments, contact helpline, keep track of call minutes, text and data allowance, check out Value Added Service and more. A user does not need to worry about any difficulty that will be involved from the app, but the app comes with easier interface to use without any stress.

A Vodafone Ghana user has the services available in such that, you can also send money to all mobile networks and send money to all the local banks operating in Ghana as well.

How To Download And Install New My Vodafone App

The complete guide on how to download and install new My Vodafone App is served for you here. You can just download the New My Vodafone App and install from the Google Playstore or Apple’s AppStore now.

Just like installing any other app on your smartphone, you can follow the same pattern and install My Vodafone App now — after it has finished downloading.

After downloading, just open the App from your Phone’s store, and tap on the “My Vodafone” to install. After installation, just tap and open “My Vodafone App” to start using it

Welcome to My Vodafone App screen. You can skip to the registration page as a first time user of the “My Vodafone App”. For someone who has used it before, all you would have to do is to tap to open and login.

How To Register For The My Vodafone App

To register for the My Vodafone App, you will need to provide your details such as: username, Vodafone Number, Password and Confirm Password

You will have to wait for some minutes for a verification code to be sent to your Vodafone number provided. Now, enter this code in the next page that comes to complete the registration process.

Vodafone Ghana will now take you to the interface of the App (My Vodafone App) so you could start using the services available on the platform.

Now, we are done with how to download My Vodafone App, how to register for My Vodafone App and it’s left with how to get free 2GB Data bundle from My Vodafone App.

How To Get Free 2GB Data Bundle On My Vodafone App

Many steps have been taken about how to download the Vodafone App, registration and how to login. Now is the time for you to claim your free 2GB internet Data from Vodafone in Ghana.

Just imagine you can free Vodafone data bundle and what it takes it to shake. Yes, it’s the “Vodafone Shake”.

This feature from Vodafone Ghana on My Vodafone App lets you shake your phone to unlock Xtras.

You can get the free data bundle on the New Vodafone App with the shake functionality integrated in the App and here is the process you would need to follow. Tap on shake and hold your smartphone tight. With the Vodafone Shake feature, you will need to shake your to make sure you complete the Red circle within the Vodafone Shake section on My Vodafone App.

Vodafone Ghana gives you free 1GB Data bundle all for you, once the circle is completed. This is a free guide on how to get free 1GB internet bundle for installing an app.

Watch Our Complete Free 1GB YouTube Guide

With the complete YouTube guide from ICT Catalogue TV, it teaches you the practical guide on how to claim your free 1GB internet data from Vodafone Ghana.

Data bundle as part of consumable products has been expensive these days but lesser in value of which many smartphone users are complaining about the prices of internet data. For many that would love to get free data bundle, we have the information here for you.

In summary, there is no doubt that Vodafone is one of the best Network providers in Ghana when it comes to offering cost effective data packages to their customers. Some few months ago, Vodafone introduced My Vodafone App (Ghana) which allows it users to manage their account activities without any hustle.

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