How To Renew A Ghanaian Passport Online In UK 2022

By | June 13, 2022

ICT Catalogue has received numerous requests from individuals abroad, about how to renew the Ghanaian Passport online in the United Kingdom, United States and many more countries. One of the requests that brought us to write this piece of information about how average Ghanaians living abroad can renew their Passport online in UK in 2022.

Renewing your Passport is very important for every Ghanaian individual living abroad, according to the laws, only Ghanaians citizens by birth, naturalization, adoption, registration, or any other formal enactment that can be able to apply for a passport renewal or register. During the process, an original document that proves your nationality is also needed along with your previous passport.

In case your original passport was stolen, a police report is needed during the renewal or replacement application along with your original birth certificate, an affidavit, and proves of identity.

In our today’s article guide, we will like to discuss with you on How To Renew A Ghanaian Passport Online In UK 2022.

How to apply & Renew Ghana Passport Online; All you need to know [2021  Guide]

 With where to renew your passport in the UK as a Ghanaian citizen, you need to visit the Ghana embassy and present your information by yourself, The Ghana Consul offices are in England, Scotland, and Ireland.  The passport must be carried by a proxy, and if there is any other person found on your passport aside from your own image, the passport will be classified as invalid.

How To Renew Your Ghanaian Passport Online In UK

Fill out your passport application online and send it to the office in London or Dublin by yourself or send it through their official mail address. The cost of the renewal is not that expensive since it’s the same as an original passport; it varies depending on where you make the application.

Ghana Passport Renewal Price In UK

Many people have been asking for the price of Ghanaian passport renewal in the United Kingdom, and here is the complete price to keep note. Renewing your Ghanaian passport in the UK costs just £20, with the payment terms; one can make the payment with a credit card. It will take two weeks for your new passport to be issued.Many have been asking about How To Renew A Ghanaian Passport Online In UK for 2022, and I believe this article has educate you about that.

If you have relatives in Ghana who would love to apply for a passport, kindly check and send them the link about How To Apply For Ghana Passport Online At Ease.

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