Fufu Pounding Machine Price In Ghana

By | April 16, 2022

 Gone were the days we used to spend so much time cooking our plantain and cassava and proceeding to pound it. Fufu is a dough-like food found in West African cuisine.

Ever since the Portuguese traders introduced cassava to Africa from Brazil in the 16th century, fufu has become a staple food for most Ghanaians. Fufu is made out of boiling cassava and/or other tubers like plantain or cocoyam. It’s generally crushed together with a wooden pestle in a locally produced wooden mortar (woduro) (woma). The mixture is churned by hand in between pestle strikes, and water is gradually added until it becomes slurry, mushy, and sticky. After that, the mixture is shaped into a circular slab and served. Preparation has become substantially less labor-intensive since the invention of the fufu machine.

A fufu machine is a kitchen gadget that pounds cooked starchy vegetables, such as cassava, plantains, or yams, into fufu, a West and Central African staple dish.

Traditional hand-pounding methods took at least 30 minutes to obtain the fine, dough-like, pasty texture of fufu; fufu machines can generate the same texture in about one minute.
Fadegnom Charles, a Ghanaian electrical equipment merchant, created the first fufu machine in 2004, producing limited quantities of electric fufu machines for local market.
Soon after, a team at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) led by Professor Kwadeo Kesse, Dr Lawrence Ansong, and R.E Doddoo released a mass-marketable design. By 2014, the machine has become widely used in Accra, in both homes and small companies.

The Fufu Machine is to make life easier, and this is the Fufu Pounding Machine Price In Ghana.

Fufu Pounding Machine Price In Ghana

The price for fufu pounding machine starts at GHS 500 to GHS 3000 depending on the commercial capacity of the machine.

Where To Buy Fufu Pounding Machine

They can be purchased at some selected stores like Kennedy digital satellite and other shops. There are some online stores that also sell the pounding machine.

Jumia.com and Jiji.com also sell some of the machines.

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