Samsung TV Repair Centre And Their Contact Number In Ghana

Many people do not prefer new brands of Television sets because they are very difficult to get an expert that can repair when there is a fault. Unlike Samsung Televisions, in this post, we will list some places that can repair your Samsung Televisions professionally without any delay meaning quick and neat.

I hear people complaining about sending their Television to repair shops without going for it again because the repairer didn’t get some parts that are needed to be replace on the market. This happens a lot, especially with the strang Television brands that are only 100 pieces in the country.

This article will list some professional and dedicated Samsung TV repairers in the country and their contact number.

These are the Samsung TV Repair Centre And Their Contact Number that are available in Ghana for 2022.

Samsung Head Office

This is the official Samsung office that are willing to help you with all your Samsung products related problems. They offer all kinds of Samsung sales and services. If you are having challenge with your Samsung product, then they are the right people to contact first. They may recommended right person that can repair your product and also near your area.

Below are the contact details of Samsung Head office including their mobile phone number and address.

Location: 2nd Floor Millennium Height Building, Airport City
City: Accra, Ghana
Address: Post Office Box AN 5433, Accra North, Ghana.
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 0800100077 / 0577717178

Flat Screen City

Flat Screen City is one of the TV repair shops that also repairs Samsung TVs. They are mostly known for fixing TV screen, that is flat panel screens as their name shows.

Below are the contact details of Flat Screen City. Make sure you contact them to check whether they are capable of fixing your problem first.

Location: Near 1st Light Traffic light, Opposite Grace Chapel, Kaneshie, Dr. Busia Highway
City: Accra, Ghana
Phone Number: 0302231185 / 0244507788


Electroland is mostly known for selling electronic gadgets. They are have contacts of well trained repaires that are capable of repairing your TV for you. Contact them to check whether they can offer assistance in repairing your TV.

Locations: Samsung Brand Shop, Opposite Barclays Bank / Opposite Johnson Wax, Near Coca-Cola Roundabout, Spintex Road
City: Accra, Ghana
Phone Number: 0800100077


Similar to Electroland, Compu Ghana also mostly sells electronic gadgets and home appliances. But as big as they are they have repairers that are able to bring your faulty TV to life again.

Contact them below.

Locations: Osu Mark Cofie House / Spintex / Orca Deco / Accra Mall
City: Accra, Ghana
Phone Number: 0243143143 / 0249999988 / 0593858863 / 0553747400

Flat Screen Tv Repairs – Accra

Flat Screen Tv Repairs center is found within the suburb of Accra, and you can contact them for all your Samsung TV flat screen issues.

Phone Number: 0545748901

Mr. Shaibu TV Repair Center

Do you have fault/Broken screen and it is costing you amount you can’t afford to repair, then you would need to contact Mr. Shaibu TV Repair Center for your issues.

Location: Ahodwo – Kumasi.
Phone Number: 0545008217


Thank you for your time, you may realise most of the above mentioned shops are also sellers. This is because they know some of the best Samsung TV repairers around.

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