Fintech Companies In Ghana

By | August 31, 2022

The world has transformed into a digital one, with pretty much everything being executed on computers and phones.  

Fintech simply stands for financial technology, which describes a digitalized way of sending and receiving money, saving, lending, and borrowing. Fintech has made use of technology very easy and accessible. Fintechs are challenging traditional banks by being swift and providing financial solutions to all individuals and businesses, including small and medium enterprises.

Ghana has been acknowledged by the World Bank as one of Africa’s quickly expanding mobile money and financial technology markets.

According to research from The FinTech Times, there are about 70 fintech companies in the country and we are looking at a few of them below.

Fintech Companies In Ghana

iPay solutions

iPay solutions is a payment gateway provider that gives people and businesses in Ghana and beyond access to a variety of solutions for accepting and making payments online, offline, and on mobile devices at any time and from any location. We make payments simple at iPay! Visa, Mastercard, USSD, and mobile payments”


Zeepay is one of the fastest growing fintech focusing on digital rails to connect digital assets such as mobile money wallets, cards, ATMs, Bank Account and more. Zeepay provides a mobile money service that is a fast, simple, convenient, affordable and electronic wallet service that allows customers to easily store, send, and receive money. Much like a physical wallet, this digital wallet gives you some safe place to keep your money.


Irrespective of the network you use, whether it be MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, or Tigo, ExpressPay offers express airtime across all mobile networks in microseconds. Expresspay enables you to obtain airtime instantaneously. You can always submit your DStv, internet, BoxOffice, and GOtv payments with ExpressPay, no matter where you are. ExpressPay was established in 2012, and you can contact them by email at [email protected] or by visiting their office at 12 Senchi Street, Airport, Ghana.

Cube Robotic Limited

Finance Plus (F+) is a financial technology solution offered by Cube Robotic Limited. Finance Plus is a custom software development company that employs programmers to assist Micro-finances, Credit Unions, and Rural Banks that lack core banking systems in expanding. Finance Plus assists in facilitating the expansion of these  financial institutions with tailor-made specialised software.


With BitSika, you can send and receive money, deposit and withdraw funds at any time in any currency, and they dole out a free transaction of up to $300 at the beginning of each month. BitSika is a wallet that recognizes social payments, creates instant virtual visa cards, lets you buy and sell Bitcoin and BUSD, and you can also use the BitSika app to purchase airtime in Ghana and Nigeria. It also performs customer verification and custodial services.


Nvoicia is an enterprising financing Fintech company that promotes growth by offering financial solutions to Micro-Small/Medium Entities (MSMEs). Nvoicia offers a method for credit customers of small and medium-sized businesses to pay them within 24 hours. This stops these businesses’ cash flow problems from being caused by late payments. Four Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology grads who worked together in 2018 to start Nvoicia.


Ghanaian agri-funding startup Kwidex uses its crowdsourcing platform to support local farmers and agribusinesses. Kwidex is a web-based platform that enables farmers and other agricultural businesses to raise money from the general public in exchange for a portion of the farmer’s profits at the end of the growing season. You control the rates of repayment with Kwidex.

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