FIDO Money Lending Contact Number

By | October 20, 2022

Fido Money Lending offers personal loans in addition to the loans offered by various telecommunications companies.

These loans are simple to obtain, and you can borrow up to GHC 2,000 as an individual and repay it within 30 days.

These loans are mostly given to salaried workers, contract workers, or anyone who is self-employed. Have in mind that you will need to do a one-time verification of your identity using your ID card before the money is disbursed.

Additionally, you are required to give a mobile money account. What makes Fido loans different from other loans is the fact that you do not need collateral or guarantors when applying for the loan.

In this article, we will look at the Fido Money Lending service contact number so that you can contact them if necessary.

About Fido Money Lending

FIDO Money Lending Limited (FIDO) is an Accra-based Ghana-based financial institution licensed by the Bank of Ghana. As a financial institution, FIDO Money Lending Limited provides its customers with quick loans and simple short-term loans known as FIDO Loans.

Depending on eligibility, the applicant selects flexible repayment terms that are payable in one or more installments. The loans are intended to provide microentrepreneurs with working capital in order for them to grow their businesses, rather than to service long-term debt obligations.

62% is the highest annual percentage rate (APR). This assumes a daily interest rate of 0.266%, which decreases with prompt repayment. The processing fee is GHS 17, and the commitment fee is GHS 1.4% deductible.

FIDO Money Lending Contact Number

Fido Money Lending Services’ contact information is provided below so that you can speak with someone or visit their office if necessary;

Physical address:
No. 48 Blohum Road
Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana
Near Sid Theatre and Medlab

Telephone numbers: 030 220 8060, 024 243 6885
Email: [email protected]

Things That You Need Before Applying For Fido Loans

Keep in mind that you must meet certain requirements before your loan request will be approved.

You must first complete a one-time verification with your Ghana Card before FIDO Money Lending Limited can grant you a loan.

A mobile money wallet must be registered in your name, and you must be a Ghanaian resident over the age of 18.

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