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By | September 7, 2022

One may never be confident about selecting a random program to keep their photographs, texts, application, etc. private when there are so many data security applications available. One always requires a few of the finest hidden apps for such delicate matters, as well as a manual that can walk them through the app’s many functionalities.

In reality, there are a variety of techniques for hiding apps, including apps and smartphone hacks. If you know how, you can conceal everything you want on your iPhone, including texts, photographs, and applications. Downloading programs specifically designed for concealing stuff is the quickest solution, but they aren’t always sufficient.

In this article, we will walk you through the best app hider for iPhone. Follow this article and install one of the best hiding apps for your iPhone.

What is the Best App Hider for iPhone?

The iPhone lacks an appropriately titled software called App Hider that allows you to conceal all of your installed apps. In iOS, it’s tough to completely conceal an app. Using third-party applications to keep certain information on your phone private and take advantage of the iPhone’s built-in capabilities is the best course of action for iPhone users.

Your phone displays a calculator icon when you use Secret Calculator. It functions just like a typical calculator when you first open it. On the other hand, when you input your passcode and then press the button. A private realm where you may keep pictures, information, and communications away from prying eyes becomes available to you.

There is a built-in capability for this if you just have access to your phone and want to play games. Activate Guided Access by selecting Settings and then Accessibility. Open the app you wish to share and triple-click the home button after Guided Access has been activated. The app will be opened when locked. To return your phone to its original state when you’ve finished playing, triple-click the home button once more and enter the Guided Access passcode.

App icons should be hidden in a folder if you absolutely must remove them from your home screen. Drag all of your programs into a single folder, then drop that folder onto a screen with only icons. Anyone who scrolls over to that screen will see it because it is unlocked. You may suppress interest by giving it a dull name, such as “Receipts,” or you can just forget to give it a name and use the default one.

How Do We Hide Apps on iOS 14?

  • When a menu appears, press and hold the desired app. The menu will offer a range of options depending on how the app is designed to work. The option to delete the program will always be available (in red). It has to be tapped.
  • Now you may decide whether to delete the app or remove it from your home screen. Select the second possibility. In the App Library, the program is still accessible.
  • When you choose “Remove App,” you will be given the choice of uninstalling the app or adding it to the app library if it isn’t currently there.

Best Hiding Apps for iPhone

Hide Photos Videos-Hide It Pro

All of your media data are kept private and secure by the Hide Photos Videos app. Once the program is downloaded, you may upload files not just through the Photos app but also straight from iTunes and your camera.

Hide Photos is one of the top concealing applications for iOS devices since it has no ads. One may quickly safeguard their data, including vital papers, with its simple-to-use user interface.

Vault-Hide Photos & Videos

Look no further than the Vault-Hide Photos & Videos program if you want to be absolutely certain that all of the images and videos on your iPhone are protected by high security. It was regarded as one of the highest rated and best hiding apps available on the App Store. Vault provides its users with a variety of exclusive features.

The ability to mass load media files is one of the best features of the Vault Hiding iOS app. Other than that, a user may effortlessly keep all the photos and videos organized by using the smart photo management tool.

Locker: Photo Vault

One of the few concealing applications for iOS that provides simultaneous security for programs and images is Locker.

Not all of this application’s distinctive features are limited to app hiding. A user may stop worrying about giving their phone to a friend by changing the app’s icon to a timer or a calculator.

Locker: Hide Photos

Although the concealing software is new to the App Store, that does not lessen its usefulness. The software is capable of quickly earning a place among the best concealing apps thanks to a multitude of distinctive features.

You may achieve a lot for yourself by importing your media files to Locker’s extremely secure program. The application’s ability to provide customers with personalized album-level security is another interesting feature.

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Install Private Photo Vault: Pic Safe instead if you’ve ever had sync problems with any of the hidden applications you’ve previously used. Photo Vault has gone a long way and is now regarded as one of the best concealing applications in several nations, including Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the USA.

Users get access to a number of services, including slideshows, a private web browser, and iTunes synchronization. You’ll see how much you were missing before you began using the program.

Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Give Keepsafe a chance to safely hide all of your photos and videos from inquisitive eyes by installing it today. Using a 6-digit passcode, touch, or face ID, a user may simply encrypt his data. However, users have the option to turn on all three security options if they desire military-grade encryption.


We have mentioned the best app hider for iPhone in this article. Also, we have listed some of the best hiding apps for iOS that you use to hide your personal data like videos and pictures. These applications all maintain the data’s encryption and stop it from showing up in Photos.

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