Best And Affordable Universities In Ghana To Study Information Technology (IT) 2023

By | December 27, 2023

There are a lot of University institutions that are available in Ghana, offering various courses any qualified student can partake.

Taking a look into the most studied programs at the Universities in Ghana, I can say more students go for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bsc. Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Science in Arts, Nursing, Law, Marketing, Computer Science and more.

Information Technology (IT) seems to be less studied in most Universities all because many people don’t know whether they are offered in some of the Universities available in Ghana.

There are a lot of Universities in Ghana that are offering Computing related courses, since Information Technology (IT) is becoming part of human life with its application.

This article guide will take you through the Best And Affordable Universities In Ghana To Study Information Technology (IT) 2023.

These Universities in Ghana can help you study any Information Technology (IT) programmes on a Diploma, Bachelor or Masters Degree level.

University Of Ghana, Legon

The University of Ghana, Legon is one of the best Universities in Africa that can help shape your career to meet your goals. You can study Computer Science or Information Technology (IT) and prepare yourself for the next IT industrial person needed.

University of Ghana, Legon offers practical-oriented Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) programmes that help you gain hands on experience to be ready for any industry placed for job.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

This is another University in Ghana that has served and prepared many scholars unto the Ghanaian business and industrial market.

The University is noted to be one of the best Universities in Ghana, after mentioning that of University of Ghana, Legon and few ones.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) offers any IT related programmes, of which you can choose from a Bachelor in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology (IT).

Accra Institute of Technology (AIT)

If you reside in Accra and want any best University to further your IT knowledge, then the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) is one best University you can locate today.

Accra Institute of Technology is a private University that is accredited to operate undergraduate programmes and you can choose from their Computing related courses under; Software Engineering, Computer Science, Software Development, Web Development, Networking in Computing, Multimedia Systems and Computing Engineering.

Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU)

Ghana Communication Technology University in Ghana, is an academically comprehensive and globally inclined urban and rural Technology university.

Formerly Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), the University is now called Ghana Communication Technology University. The Ghana Communication Technology University was a private university institution until Parliament of Ghana passed the bill on Friday June 12, 2020 — making Ghana Communication Technology University a public University in Ghana.

The University offers diploma and Bachelor programmes you can study from; Information Technology (IT), Informatics, Computer Science, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering, Busing Information System etc.

IPMC University College

The IPMC University College is an IT training institution that offers any computer related short programmes from certificate, diploma, or degree. IPMC University College offers courses in certificate and diploma such as; Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning, Cyber Security, Big Data, Project Management, Database Technology, Software Engineering, System Engineering, Graphic Designing and Web Development.

Some of the short courses offered at IPMC University College are; Accounting with IT, Digital Marketing, Software programming, MS Office for Business, Big Data Analytics etc.

The list of Best And Affordable Universities In Ghana To Study Information Technology (IT) in 2023 has been given to you. Make use of this article and apply for any IT related courses from desired University in Ghana and become the next IT personality wanted for next technological industrial market.

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