AirtelTigo Unlimited Bundle Code In Ghana

By | August 14, 2022

AirtelTigo, one of Ghana’s top mobile service providers, has provided its customers with a variety of appealing bundles.

The Unlimited Bundle is one of these packages, and we’ll go through it in this post along with instructions on how to activate it. If you want an article that will answer all of your Fuse Bundle questions, stick around.

About AirtelTigo Unlimited Bundle

The AirtelTigo Unlimited Bundle gives subscribers unlimited daily and monthly AirtelTigo calls. These packages are available for purchase by prepaid and hybrid customers, who can also gift them to friends and family. Customers can purchase these bundles using either their airtime account or their AirtelTigo Money account.

AirtelTigo Unlimited Bundle Code

To purchase the Unlimited calls bundle, take your phone and dial the short code, *533# and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

AirtelTigo Unlimited Bundle Price

You may count on receiving unlimited calls to AirtelTigo numbers for 60p and GHC6 for 24 or 30 hours, respectively, when you purchase the Unlimited bundle.

About AirtelTigo

The merger of Airtel and Tigo resulted in the creation of AirtelTigo, the second-largest mobile network operator in Ghana, in November 2017.

A powerful, forward-thinking company with 10 million customers, AirtelTigo provides a range of telecom services, such as business connectivity solutions, mobile phone, internet, and financial services.

AirtelTigo makes a difference in people’s lives with its effective CSR initiatives. AirtelTigo aspires to help build a more sustainable future by offering state-of-the-art goods and services that considerably benefit customers and other stakeholders in positive outcomes on the economic, social, and environmental fronts.

As part of its commitment to using technology as a key engine of economic growth in Ghana and all of Africa, AirtelTigo is investing in a number of the country’s economic sectors.

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