Airpods Pro Price In Ghana

By | August 14, 2022

Anyone who uses Apple products should give getting a set of AirPods significant consideration. The AirPods from Apple are a great accessory for any device, whether an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or anything else. The best aspect is that they have excellent audio quality and a variety of functions that make listening enjoyable.

Apple’s AirPods Pro are still among the best true-wireless earbuds, despite having been debuted in 2019, thanks to their comfortable fit, passable sound, Active Noise Cancellation, and alluring feature set, which includes Apple’s spatial audio virtual surround capability. The best feature of their transparency mode is that it lets you hear what’s going on around you while you’re wearing them. The best truly wireless earbuds are the Apple AirPods Pro, which are also great for taking calls.

How to tell if your AirPods are fake 

There are a few methods to detect if your AirPods are fake just by glancing at them.

Users can check whether their products are still covered by warranty on an Apple website. Naturally, this is wonderful for verifying genuine products, but it also has the additional advantage of alerting you to the use of counterfeit goods.

On the package, the case, and even the earphones themselves, you can see indications that they are phony if you look closely.

The following mistakes to watch out for:

  • Look for mistakes in the handbook and packaging. Grammar and spelling mistakes in English are frequently found on fake products.
  • Does the case use the same Lightning wire as iPhones do to charge devices? If not, it will undoubtedly be a phony.
  • False AirPods typically have plastic that seems thinner and less durable than real ones.
  • To pair the AirPods with other devices, the case should feature a button on the back that is completely flat with the rest of the case. The likelihood of the button being phony increases if it protrudes in any way or feels loose.
  • Does a menu to pair the AirPods appear when you place them in their case and open it close to an iPhone or iPad? If not, they are most likely fraudulent.
  • When you attach fake AirPods to your device, they won’t show up in Find My Device.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone or iPad after pairing your AirPods, then tap the I icon next to their name. If all you see is the Device Type and Forget This Device options, these are bogus; you should see a page full of information about them.
  • You only need your AirPods’ serial number to use the website. There are two places you can find this number.

i. The first option is to open the Bluetooth menu and tap the I icon next to your AirPods’ name if they are paired with an iPhone or iPad. The page that loads will have a list of the serial number.

ii. Second, the serial number is written inside the casing, in the area where your left AirPod head normally occupies. Instead, you’ll locate it if you have AirPods Max in the left ear cushion. To read it clearly, you might need a magnifying lens.

  • When you know the serial number for your AirPods, go to the Check Coverage website, enter it in the field at the top, complete the CAPTCHA, and then click Continue.
  • Your AirPods are definitely authentic if you are taken to a website that requests the date of purchase or one that lists your potential warranty choices. However, they are almost certainly fakes if you encounter an error message that claims Apple was “unable to check coverage for this serial number.”

Airpods Pro Price In Ghana

The price of Airpod pro in Ghana is around GHC 1,470. However, there are other airpod pros being sold on the market for far cheaper prices but the issue with them is that the quality has been compromised and as stated earlier you can do the check yourself to check if it’s original before you buy.

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