AirtelTigo Data Bundle Packages & Prices In Ghana

By | August 14, 2022

One of the most sought-after things in the technological world has been data. In fact, it is wise and very prudent to indicate that surfing the internet would be practically impossible without it.

When we talk about data, we mean the data bundles that allow a person to use their phone or any other internet-connected device to access the internet.

Well, there are numerous data bundle packages with different prices from all mobile telecommunications providers throughout the world, particularly in Ghana.

If you have any doubts in this respect, be ready to find the answers at the end of this post as we will be looking at data bundle packages and their prices on AirtelTigo while in Ghana.

AirtelTigo Data Bundle Packages & Prices

There are several data bundle packages on AirtelTigo and although purchasing a data bundle from AirtelTigo is fairly easy, the first step is to choose the kind of bundle you want to buy. Check out varieties of data bundle packages and their prices on AirtelTigo below;

Big Time Data

All prepaid users using AirtelTigo have access to the Big Time Data bundle, and you may even buy them to give as gifts to close friends or family members.

Customers may also purchase the Big Time Data bundle using either their primary airtime account or an AirtelTigo Money account.

You will receive additional bonus data if you purchase using your AirtelTigo Money account, so that is a benefit. Dial *111# to purchase the Big Time Data Bundle, then kindly follow the on-screen instructions. Big Time prices can be found below;

Sika Kokoo

The Sika Kokoo data package is perfect for downloading, streaming, and playing online games.

The smallest amount you can spend on a purchase is GHC 3, and you’ll get 1GB of data with it. These bundles can be bought using either your primary airtime account or an AirtelTigo Money account.

It is essential that this data bundle is accessible to both prepaid and hybrid users and to purchase it, dial *533# or *111*4# and choose option 1.

Night Bundle

This bundle only gets utilized at night, and that is from 12 am to 4 am every night, the package offers you access to unlimited internet and AirtelTigo calls.

The night bundle can be purchased by dialing *111# and selecting option 4. Then you must adhere to the instructions to choose Night Packs from the menu.

Family Pack (XXL)

Family Packs are XXL internet packages ideal for movie nights, karaoke, and large gatherings.

Share a great data experience on AirtelTigo with up to 3 family members. accessible to all prepaid AirtelTigo customers. Choose option 4 to get your preferred XXL & Family Packs data bundle after dialing *111#.

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