How To Access UPSA Virtual Online Learning Platform

By | July 13, 2020

How To Access UPSA Virtual Online Learning Platform

The COVID-19 is real and the only recommend precaution you can follow is to keep social distancing in mind. Staying away from crowds and putting on face masks and face shields. Help you prevent yourself from contracting the pandemic coronavirus disease.

With this, the educational sector is one of the vital area whereby conscious efforts are being made to ensure students can still learn and make preparation for their exams.

With the help of technology advancement, there should not be a reason for a student. To stay at home without learning. This is where the electronic learning application comes in. Virtual online learning has become one of the technologies that has been employ by most schools to enhance studies during the global pandemic era.

Ghana introduced iCampusgh that helps SHS students to access more syllabus and learn from home using the power of internet, several educational WhatsApp platforms were launched, Universities in Ghana had to schedule all studies to the virtual world allowing students to attend classes using Video conferencing application and submitting examinations and quiz questions online.

Universities in Ghana

Universities including University of Ghana (UG), Valley View University (VVU), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University for Development Studies (UDS), University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA), and more are all parting in virtual classes for students to access from the comfort of their room to practice social distance and spread calm.

Today, one of the institutions we will be talking about is University of Professional Studies Accra — as the institution launches its virtual online learning platform encouraging students to learn from various homes.

I will walk you through how to access and make use of the virtual learning platform today on ICT Catalogue.

How To Access UPSA Virtual Online Learning Platform

  • Visit:
  • Enter your University Index Number as your Username
  • Enter Google1 as Password
  • After login, you will now be ask to change your password
  • Enter a new password
  • On the left under the Navigation button, click on courses from he drop-down list
  • Click on Undergraduate Programmes and select your Programme category (eg. Bachelor or Diploma)
  • Select your level (eg. Level 100, 200, 300 or level 400)
  • Click on the Course codes that is display to access the Course you want. eg: Click on PBPR308 to display “Media Relations.”
  • Enter the Enrollment Key already provided your respective course Lecturer to open and explore the available resources to read or download.
  • To access the University Library online, clicking on the Joshua Alabi Library Online button.

This is how simple it is to Access UPSA Virtual Online Learning Platform today — using the power of the internet.

Wrapping Up!

Let’s learn to spread this information and help others also get this benefit to access the platform online and study from the comfort of their homes.

You are free to share your opinions to us by making use of the comment box below.

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