5 Ways a Poor Website Design Might Be Killing Your Business

By | October 22, 2022

There might be many ways of which a website design may kill your venture, but reading on the 5 Ways a Poor Website Design Might Be Killing Your Business will educate you more about what to know and prevent this.

If your store, workshop, or corporate building is your physical office, then, your website is your digital office. Well, you constantly want to keep your physical office neat, glamouring, and stunning. But what most people leave out is their digital office — their website. If you already have a poor or bad website design, run fast and fix it, because it might be ravaging, damaging, destroying, and killing your business and online reputation than you think.

Today on ICT Catalogue, we shall be discussing about the 5 Ways a Poor Website Design Might Be Killing Your Business.

Features of a Poor Website Design

Wait a minute, perhaps you have no clue what a poor website design is. Oh yes, I get it! So, before I tell you how this kind of website is ravaging and killing your business slowly, let me just help you figure out some of the characteristics of a bad website design. If you’re wondering what makes a crappy, terrible-looking website design, here are some of them:

  •  Outdated business content
  • Poor website layout
  • Poor site structure
  • Multiple and confusing font styles
  • Not uniform font types
  • Slow-loading website
  • Very bad mobile appearance
  •  Sluggish header and menu bar
  • Lack of strong CTA to tell users what to do
  • Lack or no social media links
  • Unfriendly user interface
  •  Too many confusing links
  • Too many disturbing ads on the home page

Ways A Poor Website Design Might Be Killing Your Business

Here are the five ways a poor website design might be killing your business.

It communicates to users that your business is dead

When a person is dead, what do people do? They put him in the mortuary. He’s no longer breathing, talking, and active again. That is how some businesses are unknowingly telling their visitors and potential customers visiting their websites. You indirectly tell your customers that your business is dead.

You visit a website and ousssh, it can even make you have a bad day. Very terrible, bad, and poorly designed website coupled with the fact that it has not been updated for a long time! So, who wants to do business with a dead business? No one! If you care about your business, take care of your website.

It scares away people from your website

People are attracted to very good, excellent website design. It creates a rich user experience and engages emotionally with the customers and visitors. It tells them what to do, and what the site or page is all about and provides a good layout to navigate through the site.

But here we are on a website that is poorly designed, and everything looks scattered. You visit the website and it just scares you off. Your website layout is mind-boggling, has poor site structure, multiple and confusing font sizes and styles, and others. It will increase your bounce rate and affects your leads and sales generated from the website.

You don’t stand a chance to win online

Recent reports reveal that 38% of online visitors stop engaging a company’s website if they find it boring, unattractive, and uncompelling, and shockingly 70% to 80% of today’s buyers will search for a business online, learn about them before even giving them a call to purchase or enquire about them. If you have a bad and poor website design, you don’t even stand a chance online.

Personally, one of the things I hate is a website that loads slowly. How boring! We are very busy; we don’t have time. So, we need a website that will load fast, provide the right information and have a good user interface across all devices.

It won’t effectively market your business to generate ongoing leads and sales

What’s marketing all about? It’s about one thing: attracting and keeping customers forever and making them buy again, and again forever. So, if marketing is attraction, then, how the heck would you make your website unattractive to users so that it affects leads, prospects, and sales online? Are you a joke or a serious business owner?

51.3% of worldwide visitors use mobile to browse websites. So, how come your website simply looks good on a desktop, but on phone, it terribly sucks and you sit down in your office and not doing anything about it? You’re losing customers online because your website is repelling users browsing websites on phones.

It damages and destroys your credibility

People say, “If you want to do well, you shouldn’t care about how people think and perceive you!” Well, that’s true. However, in business, credibility communicates trust and trust communicates confidence and safety in dealing with you. First-time impression counts! Therefore, the first-time online impression on your website even counts more!

Get your website looking good because a bad and poor website design will not only damage your online credibility, but it will make potential customers don’t feel okay trusting you with business. They will simply say, “If they don’t care much about their online presence and take good care of their website, how the fuck are they going to take good care of me!” Fuck this business, I’ll go to their competitor!

In Summary

Take good care of your website. Regularly update your website. Make it good, make it better, and make it the best in your industry and for your target customers. Your website should be so attractive and compelling, communicating to people that they are the best, they meant what they do and they care.

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