10 Best Google Alternative Private Search Engines

By | December 5, 2022

There are numerous search engines online, but these are the top 10 Best Google Alternative Private Search Engines.

From time to time, search engines are taken over the web space and have become the mothers of websites and authority blogs on the internet.

Google has been recognized as a major search engine of all time you can’t do away with. Believe it or not — it’s true.

With this, Private search engines are also getting more and more popular over the past few years — though Google dominates the search engine market having over 90% of the market share of search engine.

With the informational-rich results always provided by Google, and using artificial intelligence for improving the search experience of the user, there’s no doubt if Google is mentioned as the best search engine over the internet.

In today’s existence of the internet, the only search engines we knew were the major ones — like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. These search engines do collect users’ information and keep log of what we do on the internet like IP addresses, the key search terms, web pages and more.

In our today’s article guide, I would like to explain more to you about the top 10 Best Google Alternative Private Search Engines on the internet.

Let’s now take a look at the 10 Best Private Search Engines | Google Alternatives.


With a go-to platforms, DuckDuckGo has been a search engine you can visit if only you tend to protect your privacy. This search engine comes with fast loading, doesn’t track your information — though DuckDuckGo is not powerful as Google.

Just like Google, DuckDuckGo also has advertisement but has its own better than Google as it uses sponsored links based on the query that a user searches, unlike how Google shows you ads based on your interests when making search online. A search engine like DuckDuckGo never track your browsing history, unlike how Google and Bing track your browsing history even when using browser mode. You can also find DuckDuckGo on Android and iOS smartphones as it gives you all in one solution for smartphones.


Formally, StartPage was known to be ixquick as a search engine that does not keep track of your data. StartPage is user-friendly for making search queries in such that, it’s privacy-oriented. With clean and minimalist User Interface (UI), StartPage protects your privacy beyond the search results by offering a feature known as “Anonymous View”. You can tell from the tagline of StartPage, “It’s your data, not Big data”.

Just navigate to StartPage website without worrying about your data being tracked.


With an open source friendly, SearX is one of the best private search engine over the internet that makes it interesting when searching for information online. Looking at how SearX works, it aggregates its search results from other major search engines without keeping track of you.

Since SearX does not keep track of your data or store your information unlike Google, it does not show personalized search results.


Just like SearX, Swisscows does not collect your data nor even track you — but rather protects your privacy and such is why most users trust Swisscows. Swisscows uses popular search engine like Bing for providing its search results, utilizes semantic technology and artificial intelligence to improve its search results and such is why it does not save your data information.

Disconnect Search

Just like VPN, the Disconnect Search let you search for information privately by relying your major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. Disconnect Search does not keep or save your data such like; IP addresses, log searches or personal informattion.

One benefit a user can derive from Disconnect Search is that, the search engine prevents Internet Service Providers from accessing your searches. With this, Disconnect Search is just a private Search engine.


In terms of using a search engine to browse the web privately, Qwant is yet another search engine to consider. Google is just an alternative for Qwant. Qwant claimed to be the only European search engine that does not keep track of your data and does not store your search history.

With multilingual, Qwant comes in 26 interface languages. With simplicity and user friendly navigation, Qwant as a search engine does not show any targeted ads and has an option that you can turn on for donation. And if you do, it will tell you if there are any targeted ads. You can check out Qwant as a private search engine with its built-in dark mode and comes with services such as maps, music, etc and available for both android and iOS platfomrs.


Google has been considered as search engine we knew for long, yet MetaGer is also a search engine that has been in existence for over 20 years providing private search experience to users. Unlike Google, MetaGer does not allow search results domination by certain publishers.

MetaGer is an open-source project by Nonprofit organization SUMA-EV with a clean and simple navigation.


Peekier provides safe and secure experience while you stay on Peekier search results before optioning whether to visit that website or not. With this, Peekier as a private search engine allows you to preview website on the search results itself since it displays the website preview of every search result.

With safety and security, Peekier deals with malware and protects your privacy which also makes Peekier load fast.


Gibiru is another great search engine that protects the privacy of users online. It provides unfiltered search results. Since other search engines save your data and browsing history but Gibiru does not keep your cookies nor browsing data.

Either Android or iOS smartphone, you’re good to use Gibiru as one of the best private search engines.


Ecosia is the name of the private search engine on our list.
Ecosia is known to be one of a kind search engine that plant trees when you search the web. Ecosia uses 80% of the profit for planting trees. With transparency, Ecosia publishes its monthtly financial reports to the public as means of showing transparency.

Ecosia deletes your information within seven (7) days and does not even sell users’ information to advertisers. Searches on Ecosia are fully encrypted which a user can also turn off tracking by turning on “Do not track” option in the setting page.

With all things being equal, a search engine is all about browsing for your desired information and staying safe and all these search engines are there to rely on.

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