YouTube Premium: Prices, Benefits & How to Subscribe

By | January 2, 2023

We can testify that one of the most widely used online video distribution platforms is YouTube. YouTube is a popular platform for watching and sharing videos. YouTube offers its own kind of a paid subscription plan called YouTube premium, along with every other online streaming service.

This is a monthly subscription that has several advantages for users.

What advantages does YouTube Premium offer?

The following are just a few advantages of YouTube Premium:

No Ads: YouTube Premium offers ad-free video viewing. This is a huge benefit if you wish to routinely view videos on YouTube but find the continual advertisements annoying.

Offline mode: When you prefer not to have an online connection, you can download videos and watch them at an appropriate time for you. If you want to view videos on the road but don’t frequently have a reliable access to the internet, this is perfect for you.

Background Playback: Also after closing the YouTube app or closing the device, videos might still be played in the background. If you want to watch or listen to music in the course of you doing something else, this is a benefit.

YouTube music: If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you enjoy unrestricted access to millions of songs. The song is also available for offline listening via download. Playback in the background is also an option. Regardless of whether the screen is locked, you can still hear the music.

What is the price of YouTube Premium?

The Premium subscription on YouTube is free for the first month, after which it costs $11.99 a month. Regular billing can be stopped at any time. An annual plan may be purchased for $119.99, saving you about $20. The student plan is $6.99 per month and involves a yearly verification, while the family plan costs $17.99 per month and lets you add up to five family members (aged 13 and up) to your home.

how to become a YouTube Premium member

On your phone or tablet, launch the YouTube app.

To start your membership, sign in to the Google Account you want to use.

You can tap and select your profile photo. Start your free trial right away if you’re eligible.

If not, choose to purchase YouTube Premium.

How Do I Terminate YouTube Premium?

In the Membership Management, terminating a membership is easy and straightforward. When the current subscription expires at the conclusion of the monthly membership, a button click ends it. No notice time is required. The relevant detailed instructions are as follows:

dial the number for YouTube at Click on your profile photo. Paid memberships lead you there after you have clicked. 

To terminate a membership, click it. Select Membership.

Click on Disable or Exit.

Are YouTube TV and YouTube Premium the same thing?

Premium services on YouTube are easy to mix up because of their identical names. We’ve already established that YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium, but you can also join up for YouTube Music Premium on its own.

But keep in mind that each of these services are different from YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a TV streaming service that allows you to view live TV stations. It has DVR capabilities as well as other streaming TV-related features. YouTube Premium is not required to access YouTube TV, nor does YouTube TV provide any benefits of YouTube Premium. YouTube TV members do, as has previously mentioned, have full access to YouTube Originals. Channel subscriptions are different from Premium YouTube subscriptions. These provide you the opportunity to make money while assisting a channel personally. However, one of the benefits of YouTube channel membership is not the elimination of advertisements from a channel.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It for You?

In actuality, YouTube Premium is a mixed blessing that will only interest a few group of individuals. You don’t require Premium if advertising don’t annoy you. Premium is not necessary unless you have a strong desire to explore the YouTube Originals library. Additionally, you won’t benefit from all of the Premium features if you don’t frequently use YouTube’s mobile apps. However, YouTube Premium is an excellent deal if you want to remove YouTube advertisements and use YouTube Music Premium frequently. Either you subscribe to the service or otherwise, you can use these practical YouTube hacks to get most out of it.

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