Will iMessage Appear Blue If The Recipient’s iPhone Is Dead Or Turned Off?

By | March 10, 2023

We may have experienced the feel of using the iMessage app to send messages with our friends and loved ones. 

You may have some unanswered questions about how the iMessage operates when the recipient isn’t online or their iPhone isn’t powered on. 

In this post, we are taking you through the things you need to know about how iMessages reach the target devices even if they are not switched on. 

IMessage: What is it?

Via the Messages app on their smartphones, iMessage users can share and receive text, images, videos, and other types of media. You can use iMessage if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch runs iOS 5 or later.

How to Recognize Message Bubble Colors

The blue speech bubble on an iMessage signifies that you are sending secure encrypted communications using the Apple Messages app and the iMessage service from your Apple device to another Apple device. The transmitted message is shown in a green speech bubble and is sent via normal SMS text messaging if it is directed to a recipient who does not have the Messages app. These are standard SMS or MMS messages sent to a phone, symolisedb by the green color. There are always gray bubbles in the SMS and iMessages you get from other people, whether you are speaking with a group or a single individual.

iMessage Delivery Detection

The term “Delivered” typically displays beneath the blue speech bubble as soon as you send an iMessage, indicating that the message has reached Apple’s servers but not necessarily that the receiver has seen it. Prior to sending the message to the receiver, Apple briefly holds it until the iPhone is connected.

Whenever you send an iMessage and encounter an error notice, it typically means that there is a problem with the recipient’s address or phone number. Verify the accuracy and try once more. Try again if you see a red notice saying “Not Delivered, try again?” underneath the speech bubble. Apple’s servers have not received this message.

Does iMessage Work on a Dead Phone?

Apple keeps the iMessages sent to that account on its servers when the recipient’s phone is off or dead and sends them to the iPhone when the recipient switches it back on.

Therefore, if a user just has a single iPhone and nothing else set up for iMessage (such as a Mac or an iPad), the message will not be received and won’t display a “Delivered” status if the device is dead.

Although the recipient’s iPhone (which is literally on their person) may be dead, if the user also has a Mac, iPad, or even an iPod touch, and has set those devices up to receive iMessages at the same address, the message may still be sent to one of those devices (if they’re online). The iMessages are also transmitted to your other Apple devices signed in to your account, such as an iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac with the Messages app, if the recipient turned on “Text Message Forwarding” in the iPhone’s settings. Regardless of whether the message has not yet reached the phone, it is transmitted to any of these devices when they are active.

Receipt of Message Confirmation

If someone has enabled “Send Read Receipts” in the Messages settings, you will be able to tell when they have read your iMessage. Group chats do not support this option, which is not activated by default. The word “Read” and a timestamp indicating when the message was seen will appear underneath the message you sent if your contact made the capability available.

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