What Does Tok Mean In Dutch

By | March 15, 2023

Dutch is a West Germanic language that is spoken by 5 million people as a second or foreign language and roughly 25 million people as their primary tongue.

The bulk of the citizens of Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America, speak Dutch as their first language. Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten are Caribbean island nations that are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and also have Dutch as their main language. The collective populations of the United States, Canada, and Australia may total up to 500,000 native speakers.

The term “Dutch” is derived from the ancient Germanic word “theodisk,” which described the native tongue in opposition to the official Latin. In contemporary German, Theodisk became German. Theodisk split into the words duits, which means “German,” and diets, which means “Dutch,” a term that is not utitlised anymore. 

Dutch is referred regarded as being “basically in between” German and English because it is one of their closest relatives.

What Does tok Mean in Dutch

Little words in a language are frequently the most intriguing but also the most challenging for foreigners to learn. Yet, “toch” is a common Dutch term that indicates “however”. It has numerous contradictory interpretations that overlap.

Below are examples:

Wat doe je toch raar! –

You are acting rather weird!

Je weet toch dat ik geen vlees eet. –

You know surely that I don’t eat meat.

The Basics in Dutch Language

Hello (formal)                    Hallo, Dag

Hello (informal)                Hoi
Good morning                   Goedemorgen
Good afternoon                 Goedemiddag
Good evening                    Goedenavond
Goodbeye                           Goedenavond
See you later                        Tot ziens
Do you speak English?          Spreekt u Engels?
Yes / No                               Ja / Nee
I don’t understand             Ik begrijp het niet
Please (formal)                  Alstublieft
Please (informal)                Alsjeblieft
Thank you                        Bedankt

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