Washing Machines Prices In Ghana 2023

By | June 6, 2023

Washing machines come in different sizes and styles, from top-loading to front-loading models. They also offer various features such as steam cleaning, advanced fabric care, and smartphone integration.

You might be looking for an ideal washing machine to buy and so you are looking out for the right things to know before you get to buy one. This article will explain to you the prices of washing machines in Ghana.

Why Choose A Washing Machine

Choosing a washing machine over traditional hand washing offers several advantages that make laundry tasks more convenient, efficient, and effective. Here are some reasons why many people prefer washing machines:

  1. Time and Effort Savings: Washing machines significantly reduce the time and effort required for laundry. With traditional hand washing, the process involves manually scrubbing clothes, rinsing, and wringing them out. Washing machines automate these tasks, allowing you to simply load the clothes, select the appropriate settings, and let the machine do the work. This saves valuable time and energy, freeing you up to focus on other activities.
  2. Consistent and Thorough Cleaning: Washing machines provide a more consistent and thorough cleaning performance compared to hand washing. They utilize agitation, spinning, and various wash cycles to ensure that the detergent and water penetrate and clean the fabric effectively. This leads to better stain removal, odor elimination, and overall cleanliness of your clothes.
  3. Handling of Large Loads: Washing machines are designed to handle larger laundry loads, making them ideal for households with multiple family members or those who have bulky items like bedding and towels. Traditional hand washing may be time-consuming and physically demanding when dealing with larger loads, whereas washing machines can accommodate more clothes in a single cycle, saving you time and effort.
  4. Convenience and Multitasking: With a washing machine, you can set it to start the wash cycle and continue with other household chores or activities. This allows for multitasking and efficient time management. In contrast, hand washing requires your constant attention, limiting your ability to simultaneously engage in other tasks.
  5. Specialized Wash Programs: Washing machines offer a variety of wash programs that cater to different fabric types and cleaning requirements. These programs include options for delicate fabrics, heavily soiled clothes, quick wash cycles, and more. The ability to select the appropriate program ensures that your clothes receive the optimal treatment, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their quality.
  6. Water and Energy Efficiency: Modern washing machines are designed with water and energy efficiency in mind. They use precise water levels and advanced technologies like sensors and load detection to minimize water wastage. Additionally, energy-efficient features such as inverter motors and eco-friendly wash cycles contribute to reduced energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.
  7. Gentle Treatment of Delicate Fabrics: Some clothes require extra care due to their delicate nature. Washing machines often offer specialized programs or modes specifically designed for delicate fabrics. These programs incorporate gentle agitation, slower spinning speeds, and lower temperatures to prevent damage to delicate garments, ensuring their longevity and preserving their appearance.

Washing Machines Prices In Ghana

Samsung 7Kg Front Load Full Auto Washing Machine WW70T4020/t3010BS/NQ – ₵6,099.00

Samsung 8Kg Front Load Full Automatic Washing Machine -₵8,899.00

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8Kg Wash 5Kg Dry Full Automatic – ₵12,999.00

Samsung Washing Machine 10KG – Full Automatic Double Storm – ₵6,299.00

Samsung Washing Machine 11KG – Full Automatic WA11T5260 -₵6,899.00

Samsung Washing Machine 12kg Wash 8Kg Dry Full Automatic – ₵19,999.00

Samsung Washing Machine 19Kg Full Automatic -₵16,999.00

Samsung Washing Machine 7KG Full Automatic WA70HA4200 – ₵4,899.00

LG 9kg Energy Saving Dryer Silver Capable Drying with Dual Heat Pump RH90V9PV8B -₵18,500

Beko Washing Machine 7kg Front Load – BAW384UK -₵5,980

LG 20/12 Kg Washer & Dryer,6 Motion, DD Motor Steam, TurboWash, TurboDry F0L2CRV2T2 – ₵28,900

LG 17/10 Kg Front Load Washer & Dryer DD Motor Steam F0L2CRV2T2C – ₵18,690

LG 15kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with 8kg Built-in Dryer F0L9DGP2S – ₵18,690

Westpoint 8Kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WTX-819 – ₵4,499

Westpoint 7Kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WTX-717.P – ₵3,890

Westpoint 14Kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WTX-1417 – ₵5,490

Westpoint 12Kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WTX-1217 – ₵4,980

Westpoint 10Kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine WTX-1017 -₵4,599

Westpoint 8kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine WLX-817.P – ₵5,980

Westpoint 6kg Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine WMI-610218.ER – ₵5,980


In summary, choosing a washing machine over traditional hand washing offers time savings, convenience, consistent cleaning performance, handling of large loads, specialized wash programs, water and energy efficiency, and gentle treatment of delicate fabrics. These advantages make washing machines a popular and preferred choice for households, providing efficiency and convenience while maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your clothes.

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