Visual Impact Kettlebells Home Workout Program Review

My Visual Impact Kettlebells Review in Summary

First and foremost, I’d been wanting to perform kettlebell workouts for a long but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I also enjoy Rusty Moore’s presentations. So this is a nice match for me.

I’ve gone through the entire Visual Impact Kettlebells member section, and it’s a fantastic and simple to use program.

I’ll go over the following topics in this Visual Impact Kettlebells review:

What is required for Visual Impact Kettlebells?
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Visual Impact Kettlebells
Cons of Visual Impact Kettlebells Special features that are specific to this program
Visual Impact Kettlebell ratings are provided by the Visual Impact Company.
What Do I Need to Get Started with Visual Impact Kettlebells?

My personal favorite kettlebell is the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell (available on, and that is most likely the one I will use.

However, for this program, you only need a single kettlebell – no need to spend money on the more expensive Bowflex if you don’t want to – and the program will help you in determining the weight you use.

I recommend the Amazon Basics kettlebells for single kettlebells. They are well-made and reasonably priced.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Visual Impact Kettlebells
Kettlebells are a unique approach to exercise that has been utilized successfully by many of Russia’s finest sportsmen for over 300 years.

The Visual Impact Kettlebells training explains why they perform so well and how to wield a kettlebell properly (most people get this REALLY wrong).

What Visual Impact Kettlebells Contain

A look at the history of kettlebells and why you should use them.
An introduction to Chris Lopez, the individual featured in the exercises, and why he is worth listening to.
This is my favorite portion of the kettlebell workout. It explains kettlebell theory and how to select the appropriate weight. kettlebell
The Unknown Benefit of Kettlebell Design
Kettlebell Lifts Can Help You Move Like a Kid
Using a Cast Iron Cannon Ball, burn body fat
Choosing the Correct Kettlebell Size and Style
Kettlebell progression – this section teaches you how to utilize the kettlebell successfully.
Improving with the Same Weight Every Workout
Increasing Kettlebell Workout Density
2 Kettlebell Lifting Techniques for a Sleek and Toned Body
Complexes of Kettlebells
Kettlebell workouts — the tactics and explanations for how they work.
The Exercise Strategy
Workouts for Visual Impact KB Phase 1
Workouts for Visual Impact KB Phase 2
Workouts for Visual Impact KB Phase 3
Recovering Actively (Optional)
Kettlebell workout videos – These have piqued my interest. These workouts last about 20 minutes and are the first visual impact course that include video teaching that can be streamed! If you have a smart TV, you can even cast it to it.
Videos of Exercise Demonstration
Videos of Workout Demonstration
Finally, Rusty brings things to a close.
Advantages of Visual Impact Kettlebells

Kettlebells and how they operate
Theory Explanations: Aside from knowing Rusty is the type of guy who walks the walk, one of my favorite aspects of all of his training programs is that he always includes WHY something works.

This is significant to me because when I understand why something works, I am far more likely to remain with it. For example, the section “The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design” explains why kettlebells are so successful, particularly for athletes that conduct intense workouts.

Only One Size Kettlebell Required: Unless you obtain an adjustable kettlebell, these things can take up a lot of space if you require several weights. Rusty, on the other hand, is efficient. Very effective. So he asked Chris (the guy who makes the films) to give him only one weight recommendation for men and one for women. To complete all of the workouts, you only need one kettlebell. That’s really cool.

Chris Lopez’s Visual Impact Kettlebells video workouts
Workout Demonstrations on Video: This is Rusty’s first program with a video component, and the videos are BEAUTIFUL. Not only are the videos very clear, but they were shot on Costa Rica’s stunning beaches.

Visual Impact’s Drawbacks Kettlebells
Only one weight is required: As previously stated, only one weight is required. Personally, I believe this is a terrific idea, although it may be inconvenient for folks who like to work with several weights.

Rusty constantly responds to his emails and provides excellent help, but he does not provide a phone number to contact.

The Company of Visual Impact
Rusty Moore, a friend of mine, owns the Visual Impact Company and is passionate about delivering training that actually WORKS at a cheap price.

He was initially dissatisfied since he had developed the “typical” bodybuilder’s body. Too much bulk on the legs and buttocks, making it difficult to fit into garments.

He had put in a lot of effort, but he wasn’t getting the results he desired.

Over time, he pieced together how to achieve the lean and strong appearance he desired and began instructing others, which evolved into the Visual Impact training classes.

Ratings for Visual Impact Kettlebells
User-Friendliness: 5/5 – Because of the video explanation, this is the easiest of Rusty’s trainings to follow. They’re all fantastic, but this one is much better.
Features 5/5 – This program contains everything you need to maximize your kettlebell workout.
Customer Support 4/5 – Rusty always responds quickly to emails, however he does not have a phone number.
Money Well Spent 5/5 – I am astounded by the value that Rusty packs into his programs, and the kettlebell training is a steal.
The Verdict on Visual Impact Kettlebells
Visual Impact Kettlebells, like Rusty’s other programs, is comprehensive and effective. You get everything you need to properly complete a kettlebell practice.

Rusty also provides excellent client service. If you want to add a high-quality kettlebell routine to your exercise routine, I highly recommend this program. Click here to get started right away.

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