Unlocking the Benefits of USB Type C on iPhone

By | March 16, 2023

Do you know that a USB Type C on iPhone will benefit you more than manufacturers? It is necessary to know who benefits the most from this huge change.

Somewhere in 2022, the EU Parliament approved the passing of a common charging cable into law. The motion saw 602 voting for it, 13 voting against it, and eight others abstaining from the motion.

The law is to ensure all gadgets including smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc coming into the EU will have a common charging cable which is the USB type C cable. Old phones are already in the system so basically, this law will only capture the new smartphones.

This also means that Apple devices will also switch to USB type C to comply with European regulations. As to when and whether it will be limited to only Europe, we can not tell.

One question iPhone users are asking about this huge change is, are there advantages or disadvantages?

Benefits of USB Type C on iPhone

If Apple decides to switch to USB Type C today, there are many benefits that will come with this. There are also disadvantages but if you want to look at it carefully, there are more benefits to gain from this. Let us look at how this will be beneficial to us as consumers.

1. Easy access to charging cable

Most android phones are already using USB type C cables. If iPhone decides to go for USB C, then access to the charging cable will be easy.

There have been many times when iPhone uses run out of battery at the office and there is absolutely no way to charge the phone because they didn’t bring their charger along and there was no one else using a lightning port. The issue of not being able to charge your iPhone with random cables will end eventually.

2. No need for multiple chargers

At the moment, if you are using an iPhone along with an android phone, you will have to get a separate charger for each of them. That means you have to plug multiple chargers into your sockets all the time.

If iPhones move to USB Type C, it means you could literally use one single cable to charge all your phones. You do not have to change the cable anytime you want to charge.

3. Use of type C accessories

There are certain accessors that support only the Type C port. If Apple switches to Type C, all these accessories can be used with the iPhone too.

It will make the iPhone quite universal like the way android phones are. But that is very beneficial to consumers.

Disadvantages of USB Type C on iPhone

Knowing that USB Type C on iPhone will be beneficial to consumers doesn’t mean it will always be beneficial. There are some disadvantages to this as well.

1. Too universal

Of course, you could simply pick any type C charger and plug it into your and have it charged. But this will make the iPhone too universal. It means anything you could plug into an android phone, could be plugged into your android phone now. That I think is a disadvantage.

2. Unclassy

The lightning port on the iPhones adds some level of class to the iPhone. It gives some level of bragging rights to iPhone users. Sharing the same accessories with android users will take away that class that comes with using iPhone and its lightning port.

3. Stiffle innovation

Having the same charger for all gadgets will make remove that zeal to research further. This will be a disadvantage to the manufacturers as well as consumers.

Since every gadget is using the same charger, there will be no need for anyone to improve on their charging systems. That will be because they always have to meet the standards. When Apple brought the lightning port, it created huge competition in the industry. I believe it was because of this competition that we were able to arrive at USB Type C.

If manufacturers are not limited to only USB C, I believe they could come up with a more powerful charging port that could surpass both lightning port and USB type C.

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