Unlocking iPhone Passcode

By | November 4, 2022

As an iPhone user, there is the tendency of you forgetting your passcode and when this happens, you might definitely be found wanting.

However, in this era of technological advancement, there is a way that you can still unlock your iPhone and use it even if you have forgotten your passcode.

In this article, we would be taking you through how you can do this and it is noteworthy that this can be done with ease.

Unlocking iPhone Passcode

If you follow our instructions, your phone will be factory reset, but you can simply restore your data by logging into iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

You should regularly back up your data to iCloud to avoid this. It’s too late to undo it once you’ve locked yourself out of your phone.

Unlocking iPhone using iTunes

  • To begin, simply download and install iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • If the phone is connected to the computer, turn it off and unplug it.
  • You can enter recovery mode by pressing the appropriate button while simultaneously connecting the phone to the computer.
  • Hold the button down until recovery mode appears.
  • When the option to restore or upgrade appears, locate the iPhone in iTunes and select “restore.”
  • When the download is finished, the phone will shut down and restart. Once completed, unplug it from the computer, configure it, and use your iPhone as usual.

Unlocking iPhone using Finder

  • Without iTunes, Mac users running Catalina or later can unlock their iPhone using Finder.
  • Launch Finder on your Mac and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Put your iPhone in recovery mode by doing the following: Press and quickly release the volume up and down buttons in that order on iPhones X and later. Then, press and hold the side button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the option to update or restore; select “Restore.”
  • If you accept the terms and conditions, Finder will begin downloading the most recent iOS firmware.
  • Allow time for your iPhone to be restored.

Unlocking iPhone using Find My

Apple’s Find My feature can also be used to unlock an iPhone without a passcode. While the Find My app has many advantages, it can also make you a target for scammers, so be aware of that; however, in general, the advantages outweigh the risks. 

  • Sign in to icloud.com on your Mac.
  • Launch the Find My app.
  • On the top bar, click “All devices,” then select the phone you want to unlock.
  • Select “Erase iPhone.”
  • To confirm, enter your Apple ID.
  • When your iPhone is connected to a network, the process will begin.

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